Best IPL Hair Removal Device 2019

Hair removal appears to be a constant battle; which treatment is most effective? What gives the longest lasting results? Which treatment is the most pain freeShaving can be tedious and tiring, so if you’re looking for an affordable form of hair removal you can do in the comfort of your own home, the HoMedics Duo One could be just the thing for you.

A fast and effective solution to pain-free hair removal without the need for razors, wax strips or painful epilators, the Duo One uses IPL treatment to target stubborn hairs and can be used on all parts of the body. To help take care of your skin, HoMedics have included the Mini Blossom Silicone Cleanser to deep clean your pores and improve the overall condition of your skin. 

IPL is a form of light therapy, standing for intense pulsed light. IPL uses multiple wavelengths of light that scatter across the skin, targeting the pigments in the hair. This quickly turns to heat and kills the cell that makes the hair grow. Unfortunately, at the minute, IPL works most effectively on those who have fair skin and dark hair as the energy from the light is absorbed by areas of high pigmentation. It is practically pain free as it is a non-invasive treatment, just potentially some mild skin irritation on the first use. The treatment is quicker than laser hair removal as coverage is greater and unlike waxing, you don’t have to have a ‘grow-out’ period. This is due to IPL not removing hair immediately; the hairs drop out over time, so you can shave in between sessions as your hairs gradually grow back slower and less coarse. The average permanent hair loss results are between 1-10 treatments which of course can get expensive if paying at a salon, so with a handy at-home IPL device, you can keep going until you’re happy with the results, all for one price!

The Duo One has been designed to ensure you get an easy yet effective treatment, whilst still being safe and pain-free. It can be used all over the body, including underarms, legs and bikini and comes with a specially designed adaptor for the face to target upper lip and chin. The device glides easily over the skin covering large areas at any one time meaning for a quick treatment; just 2 minutes for underarms and 15 minutes for legs. With up to 150,000 flashes and an automatic detection of your skin type and hair colour, it adapts to form the best possible treatment for you. It even comes with the first Active Cooling Technology, making sure every treatment is smoother and cooler than any other at-home IPL machine. If required, new cartridges can be bought separately. The Duo One comes with a 3 year guarantee, providing peace of mind for long term IPL hair removal.

To add to your new luxurious at-home treatments, HoMedics include the Blossom Mini Silicone Cleanser. This nifty little device provides a deep 2-in-1 cleanse and is great for when you’re on the go. Made with medical grade silicone, the Blossom Mini cleans out your pores with silicone nodes whilst still being gentle on the skin. Sonic vibrations provide an invigorating massage as you go, reviving your skin and improving circulation and cell turnover, which is important for keeping skin looking youthful. Not only will it cleanse, it exfoliates and reduces the appearance of your pores with between 2300 and 4500 pulses a minute. The ergonomic shape allows you to reach into every nook and cranny, especially around the nose and eye area which can sometimes be difficult to really get clean. Simply use your favourite foaming cleanser or exfoliator and apply a small amount onto the silicone head. Pick your intensity setting (there are up to 5 to suit every skin type) and use in circular motions all over the face for up to 10 minutes. Rinse the face and run the silicone cleanser under cold water to wash. The device is completely waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower too!

HoMedics thoroughly recommend using a cleansing device as part of your skin care regime as there are many benefits including; up to a 5x deeper cleanse than using your hands, helps to keep your skin free of breakouts, helps reduce the size of pores and improves the skins overall appearance.

If you’re looking for long term results, IPL could be the best form of hair removal treatment for you. The single shot lights reach stubborn hair and gradually prevent regrowth whilst being pain free. Time to ditch the razors and reveal silky smooth skin, with the Duo One and Blossom Mini Bundle, you’ll be glowing from head to toe.

By Sarah Lovell

Sarah is a blogger and influencer with a passion for beauty and wellness products. With experience in the massage industry, Sarah is ideal for providing HoMedics with detailed views and opinions.