Christmas Gift Guide 2016

HoMedics Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Do you hear that? Sleigh bells ringing… oh wait, that’s just the sound of checkout scanners and building online baskets. The search for perfect presents can be a long and tiresome one, and year after year - it can test your Christmas spirit. With this in mind, we’ve put together our 2016 Christmas Gift Guide to inspire your growing Christmas list – we've included some newbies and some golden oldies that always go down well on Christmas morning.

Christmas Gifts for him

What do you get Dad for Christmas? The man who has everything. A question that has plagued many for some time. Our answer to this question is simply relaxation. Pure, uninterrupted relaxation. Help them switch off with one of our HoMedics massagers :

Neck Massager

Neck Massager with Heat (£29.99)

Office type or outdoorsy, our neck massager is perfect for nestling into after a long day to soothe a stiff neck. Perfect for use at home and on the go . . . and did we mention it has a heat setting?

intense massage

Homedics SoundSpa Digital FM Clock Radio (£24.99)

Nothing beats a good night sleep. White noise and other soothing sounds create a relaxing sleep environment! Treat them to a HoMedics SoundSpa, it also has a built in time projection to stop them clock watching.

Christmas Gifts for her

Let’s find something lovely for a lovely lady. The perfect gifts for Mums, Nans, girlfriends, sisters etc are the ones that make them feel special, and make them feel good. Our fab Beauty Team love finding ways to revolutionise and enhance the nation’s skincare routines.

intense massage

Eye Revive (£19.99)

Refresh and revive tired eyes with our latest massage innovation. The Eye Revive is a cute and compact eye massager to boost the circulation around your eyes to reduce that tired feeling.

HoMedics Radiance Microdermabrasion

Radiance Microdermabrasion (£149.99)

For firmer and more radiant skin, you need to clean deeper. Our home microdermabrasion helps you do just that with a diamond tip to exfoliate as the mini vacuum pulls away the dead skin, pollution and dirt clogging your pores for firmer and more radiant looking skin.

Christmas Gifts for the Sports Lover

As guilty as they make us feel, we should also reward them for their efforts to stay active – especially over the Christmas period when the chocolate tubs hit the shelves - are they getting smaller? Or are our appetites just getting bigger?

Handheld massager

Percussion Handheld Massager (£39.99)

The Percussion Handheld Massager is great for soothing the muscles you’ve stretched during your workout. Lightweight and easy to grip, it’s perfect for massaging all over your body.

Christmas Gifts for everyone

Fun for the whole family at Christmas means one present that everyone can enjoy. We’ve been saving the best until last because they're real winners.

Foldaway Footspa

Luxury Foldaway Footspa (£39.99)

This year, we decided to tackle the biggest issue with foot spas – where do you store them? Our designers have cracked it with the space-saving design of our Foldaway Foot Spa complete with massaging accu-nodes, a keep warm function and a storage height of 9cm!

Back massager at home

ShiatsuMax 2.0 (£149.99)

Our beloved back massage chairs are the ultimate present to cause a stir on Christmas day. We can’t promise there won’t be a few quarrels over who’s turn it is next… but, then it wouldn’t really be Christmas would it?

Hopefully, you're all set! If you're still stuck for ideas, keep an eye on our Facebook community for more tips on how to keep Christmas stress-free. We do like the odd giveaway too!