Purete+ Plus FAQs

Homedics Purete + PlusSKIN ANALYSER

Q:  When I’m taking a reading with the analyser, I sometimes get a message saying ‘UNSTABLE READING PLEASE TRY AGAIN’. How can I avoid this happening?

A: For a successful reading, both sprung metal ends on the analyser need to be held in good contact with the surface of your skin. Keep the analyser in one spot and apply gentle pressure while the reading is being taken. If the first attempt is unsuccessful it can sometimes help to hold the analyser at a slightly different angle or move it to a slightly different position on your face.

Q: Do I need to keep the power button on the skin analyser pressed in while I take a reading?

A: No. You only need to press the power button once to switch the analyser on. While you are taking your readings, you should avoid pressing the power button.

Q: How often do I need to take skin analyser readings?

A: We recommend taking a skin analyser reading once a week and the app will automatically prompt you to do this at the end of each 7-day plan. If your skin hydration reading changes significantly from one week to the next, your skin care routine will be adjusted to take this into account. It’s not necessary to take readings any more frequently than once a week.

Q: What causes my skin hydration readings to change?

A: Skin hydration can be affected by external conditions such as changes in the weather or spending time in air conditioning and by internal factors such as hormone fluctuations, general health and medications. By taking analyser readings once a week you can better keep track of how your skin is changing and be proactive in keeping it healthy.  The HoMedics Beauty app will make adjustments to your weekly routine to account for any significant changes in skin hydration. By following your routine as well as drinking plenty of water and eating healthily you can make a positive difference to both skin hydration and skin health.

Q: What does the number mean that I get from my skin analyser reading?

A: The number is there to give you a gauge of where your skin falls within the range of ‘dehydrated’ through to ‘optimum hydration’. To make it easier to understand, this is also shown graphically by the a measurement bar underneath the reading.

If you track back through your hydration measurements over a period of time, you may start to see a pattern of how your skin hydration changes with the seasons or other factors.

[For the scientists amongst you; skin hydration measurements are expressed as arbitrary units or A.U.]

Q: How does the analyser work? Will I feel it?

A: Very simply, your skin is making the electrical contact between the two probes on the analyser. As the dielectric constant of your skin varies with water content, this allows the analyser to take a relative measurement of your skin hydration. As the hydration increases, so does the reading. The only sensation from using the analyser is the light pressure of the probes being held in contact with your skin.




Q:  Can I review or change the information I put into my user profile when I first downloaded the app?

A: Yes, you can. Just click on the HoMedics Beauty logo in the top left-hand corner of the app screen and select ‘Profile’. This will provide a summary of the information you entered. If you want to change anything, just click on the thing you want to change.

Q: I have bought one of the other HoMedics Beauty devices that I can use with the app. How do I get it added into my weekly routine?

A: Click on the HoMedics Beauty logo in the top left-hand corner of the app screen and select ‘Profile’. Now click on ‘Devices’ and highlight your new device. Your 7-day plan will be updated to incorporate steps using your new device. [Some devices are only intended for use 2-3 times per week so will not appear every day.]

Q: I’m a bit confused by how the calendar feature works. Can you help?

A: Each time you open the app it will automatically show you todays date on the calendar and either the morning or evening beauty routine, depending on the time of day. If you click on the sun or moon symbol you can also switch manually between the morning/evening routines. If you click on the letters which represent the days of the week you can preview any days yet to come in your 7-day routine or look back on previous days. To switch back to today’s date and routine at any time, just click the calendar icon and it will return you to where you started.

Q: How do I stop receiving notifications from the app?

A: Click on the HoMedics Beauty logo in the top left-hand corner of the app screen and select ‘Notifications’. You can now select which notifications you do and don’t want to receive.



Q: Is there a knack to changing the brush heads over as I’ve been finding it a bit tricky?

A: We recommend popping the clear cap back onto the brush head while it is still attached to the product. Then if you twist the cap, this should release the head and cap at the same time.

Q: I don’t find that the gel head is applying my moisturiser/serum very effectively and I’m using more product than I would usually. Am I doing something wrong?

A: With some types of moisturiser and serum, it can work better to apply them to your skin first then use the gel head to massage it in further afterwards (rather than applying the cream onto the gel head). So, we’d encourage you to experiment and do what works best for your particular product :)

Q: How long do the brush and gel heads last and where can I get replacements?

A: To get the best life out of the heads, always rinse them clean after each use and allow to dry fully. For hygiene reasons we recommend replacing the heads every 3-4 months.

Replacements are available from https://www.homedics.co.uk/beauty/beauty-replacement-parts.html