HoMedics Face Mask Frequently Asked Questions

Why wear a mask?
A mask with a high filtration (BFE) can protect against airborne particulates and reduce the risk of transmitting infection and diseases. This however will only be the case if worn correctly. The mask will reduce the risk of spreading infections and diseases through bodily fluids such as a sneeze or a cough. Please note to always wash your hands with water and soap in addition to using a mask.

How to spot a good quality mask?
The best masks on the market meet the EN or European Standards which are mainly EN 149 or EN14683. Standards and are documents that provides rules, guidelines or characteristics for products or their results for common and repeated use. This guarantees safety and quality of a product and has been recognized by all parties involved. Masks that comply with EN 14683 are generally reserved for healthcare professionals.

What is a single use face mask?
A single use face mask is intended to be worn once and discarded afterwards to prevent any contamination transferring onto your owns hands or being inhaled. They provide basic protection against large droplets but not the smallerest particles and protect others from you.

What is a single use consumer face mask?
A consumer face mask is a mask that has the same style as a medical mask. However, generally this type does not have the same level of virus protection as a medical mask and therefore doesn’t give the wearer as much protection against catching a virus type condition. This type of mask is in line with government advice that they will protect other people if you have a virus like Covid 19, the Flu, a cold etc. from getting that disease from you. Although this mask has not been tested to EN 14683, it has been tested to similar global standards to ensure it offers a good layer of protection during your daily activities, such as food shopping or commuting. This disposable mask is for consumers only and not for healthcare professionals.
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What is a single use IIr mask?
A medical mask is generally type IIr and provides better resistance to the transmission of viruses etc. These are recommended for healthcare professionals. They protect both the carer (nurse) and the person being cared for (patient). It is designed to protect other people from catching large particles bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nose. If worn by the caregiver, the surgical mask protects the patient and his or her environment; If worn by a contagious patient, it prevents the patient from contaminating his or her surroundings and environment. This type of mask is suitable for healthcare professionals.
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What is a single use FFP2 PPE mask?
FFP2 masks, are the type of mask you generally see construction workers, healthcare professionals, some cleaners etc. wearing and offer almost the same level of protection against viruses as Type IIr masks. They give protection to you and the people around you as they are personal protective equipment that prevents the wearer from inhaling aerosols as well as dusts. This type of mask is suitable for all, including healthcare professionals.

How long can I wear it for?
All masks on our website are non-reusable and can be worn for up to 4 hours continuously. Once a mask is removed it needs to be replaced by a new one.

Always change your mask:

  • - if damaged
  • - if soiled (e.g. with secretions, body fluids)
  • - if damp
  • - if uncomfortable
  • - if difficult to breathe through

Who can wear the masks?
All adults.

How do I wear a mask?
Always start with washing your hands with soap and water before touching your face and mask.

  • 1. Hold the mask upright in the correct position to cover your nose and mouth.
  • 2. Fitting the mask will vary for the different types. Pull the head harness or ear loops behind your ears or attach the head harness to the retaining clip.
  • 3. Ensure the nose clip is securely moulded around the nose and the masks is fitted correctly without any air leakages

For more detailed instructions please see the instructions in the packaging.

How do I remove the mask?

  • - Never touch the front of the mask while you are wearing the mask or when removing it
  • - Always remove the mask from behind
  • - Stand directly over an open lidded bin
  • - Lean forward slightly
  • - Stretch both the elastic ear loops wide to remove or undo the harness clip
  • - Allow the mask to fall into the a waste bin. DO NOT reuse once removed
  • - Wash your hands with soap and water immediately after removing your mask