5 Ways To Relax In Savasana

how to relax in Savasana

What does yoga mean to you? It might be strengthening your core, to achieve your fitness goals or the perfect way to reconnect and unwind. There's no better way to end a yoga session than in Savasana. It looks easy enough, you lay flat on your mat and relax. Simple, right? Wrong. The art of relaxation does not come naturally to a fast-paced nation and for some, Savasana is the most difficult pose of all

Lying there, feeling tense and forcing your mind to stop thinking - or falling asleep immediately. Sometimes it feels like these are your only two Savasana moods. The key is conscious relaxation - staying alert and present whilst letting go. Scanning the body and relaxing slowly, muscle by muscle, thought by thought. Regular daily practice at the end of your stretch filled yoga sessions will enhance your wellbeing and condition your body to let go of stress.

Our STRETCH inventor and qualified yoga teacher, Karen, has 5 tips for you to achieve success in Savasana:

1. Dim the lights or place an eye bag/mask over the eyes. 
2. Start with the face and jaw, scan your whole body relaxing each muscle and allowing it to become heavy. 
3. Breathe slowly and gently in and out through the nose, observing the rhythm of your breath.
4. Feel the rise and fall of your diaphragm and abdomen and consciously soften in these areas.
5. Observe any thoughts that enter your mind during savasana but don’t let them linger; instead bring your consciousness back to the present moment and the rhythm of your breath.