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How can you relax more at home? Keeping a massager at home is the perfect way to unwind, destress and instantly release the tensions of everyday. Our massage range is designed to make it easy for you to achieve the ultimate relaxation experience in the comfort of your own home. Browse through our selection of massage chairs, foot massagers, handheld massagers and neck massagers to discover the benefits of shiatsu and vibration massage techniques, time and time again.

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  1. HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Back & Shoulder Massager

    • Gel massager nodes allows for a Natural Touch massage​
    • Two tracks for back and shoulder massage​
    • Both deep kneading Shiatsu massage and Rolling massage​
    • Heat Option
    • Independent back and shoulder massage​
    • Programmable remote control with width adjustment​
    • Spot massage for focused relief
    • 3-year guarantee
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  2. HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Massage Pillow



    • Gel massager nodes create a softer, more natural touch
    • Versatile design makes it easy to massage your neck, shoulders, back, lumbar, legs and calves
    • Compact design for portability
    • Deep kneading Shiatsu massage relaxes tense muscles
    • Soothing heat comforts and warms tired muscles
    • Remote control to customise your experience
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  3. HoMedics Rechargeable Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat



    • Deep kneading Shiatsu massage – Reverse action Shiatsu massage mechanism soothes tired muscles
    • Soothing heat provides comfort for your overworked muscles
    • Rechargeable & Portable
    • Versatile design
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  4. Medisana By HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Pillow

    • Clinically tested back relief*
    • Deep kneading massage to relax and loosen your tight knots
    • Soothing heat comforts your tired muscles
    • All over massage –use on back, neck, shoulders, lumbar and legs
    • Compact and portable –with rear strap to secure to most chairs
    • Luxury quilted flap for additional comfort and variable massage intensity
    • Programmed controller for added comfort and ease of use
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  5. Medisana By HoMedics Full Back Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

    • Clinically tested back relief*
    • 2x2 massage noes for the deepest, most intense kneading massage for back and shoulder
    • Revolutionary rotating massage mechanism for enhanced lumbar massage
    • Soothing heat comforts your tired muscles
    • Full function remote control for easy operation
    • Deluxe washable back cover for variable intensity massage
    • Bolstered sides and seat for ultimate cocooning massage
    • Adjustable to fit most chairs for use at home or in the office
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  6. HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager With Heat

    • Gel massager nodes create a softer, more natural touch
    • Deep kneading Shiatsu massage to relax and loosen your tight knots
    • Soothing heat comforts tired muscles
    • 3 Speeds allow you to enjoy a relaxing or more intense massage
    • Reverse Technology changes the massage direction
    • Rechargeable & portable
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  7. HoMedics Convertible Pillow & Foot Massager with Heat



    • Innovative Versatile Desig
    • Vibration Massage –Relaxes tense muscles
    • Soothing Heat –Provides warmth and comfort
    • Customized Control –Use vibration, heat or both combined. Handy remote for easy use.
    • 3 Vibration Intensities –Select for the perfect massage
    • Luxurious Soft Faux Fur Fabric
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  8. HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Portable Pillow

    • Gel massage nodes allows for a Natural Touch Massage
    • Dual Direction Nodes for ultimate relief
    • Ergo Comfortable – perfect size and shape
    • Multiple use for legs, lumbar, shoulders and neck
    • Travel size with travel bag to take away with you
    • Rechargeable battery use it wherever, whenever you want
    • Heated Function to soothe tired muscles
    • Built In Control Buttons for easy control
    • Includes travel bag
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  9. HoMedics Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat

    • Deep Kneading Shiatsu Massage
    • Soothing Heat
    • Customise Your Experience –Flex handles allow you to control the massage intensity
    • Integrated Controls
    • Removable Washable Cover
    • 2 Year Warranty
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  10. HoMedics Dual Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat FMS-255



    • Deep Kneading Shiatsu Massage - soothes tired, aching feet
    • Soothing Heat – Enhances your massage experience
    • 12 Massage Nodes – Provide relief from heel to toe
    • Toe Touch Control
    • 3 Year Guarantee
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  11. HoMedics Sensatouch 2 in 1 Shiatsu Back Massager Chair Cushion SBM-680H



    • Unique back & neck moving Shiatsu massage mechanism
    • Up to 10 massage settings to treat lumbar, upper back, entire back & neck
    • SensaTouch technology for our smoothest massage yet
    • Programmed and easy to use controller
    • Easy storage using the hanging strap
    • Soothing heat function to relax stiff muscles
    • HoMedics 2 Year Guarantee

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  12. 14 massage functions to create a personalised massage
  13. Shiatsu, rolling and spot massage therapies to choose from
  14. Vibration massage seat to soothe upper leg muscles
  15. Folds away and easy to store using the handy hanging loop
  16. Two double massages nodes for 80% coverage across back and shoulders
  17. Heat option for a soothing massage to relieve tension
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  • HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS


    7 precision-controlled air chambers

    6 Programs, including new 'Unwind' & 'Recover'

    Release tension and improve flexibility

    Feel immediate benefits in shoulders, back and hips

    Folds for easy storage

    Washable Flap

    Full function remote control

    Handle for easy carrying

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  • HoMedics Zen Meditation Pillow


    Soothing Rolling Neck Massage Pillow

    30 Minute Program With Two Accompanying Meditation Tracks

    Multi-layered Foam For Ultimate Comfort

    Quiet Operation

    Auto-reverse Massage Action


    Removable/Washable Flap

    Aroma Tab For Essential Oils

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  • STRETCH XS - Back Stretching Mat



    4 Pre-Programmed Treatments

    Full Function Remote Control

    4 Precision-controlled Air Chambers

    Thick Comfortable Pillow & Back Support

    Compact Folded Size + Handle For Carrying

    Mains Powered

    3 Year Guarantee

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  • HoMedics STRETCH Back Stretching Mat



    • Release tension and improve flexibility
    • Feel immediate benefits in shoulders, back and hips
    • 7 precision-controlled air chambers
    • Four pre-programmed treatments that can be customised for maximum relaxation
    • Folds for easy storage
    • Handheld remote control to choose treatments and customise every stretch
    • Handle for easy carrying


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  • HoMedics ShiatsuMAX 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager with Heat Massage Chair



    • Two double massages nodes for a deeper Shiatsu massage across the back and shoulders
    • 14 massage programs including Shiatsu and Rolling massage for a full back massage
    • Adjustable height and width to customise your massage
    • Soothing heat option for muscle relief
    • Invigorating vibration massage for upper legs/thighs
    • Adjustable headrest, bolstered sides and seat for ultimate comfort

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  • HoMedics Shiatsu Pro Plus Back Massage Chair with Heat

    • Dual Kneading Massage: kneads up and down your back
    • 3 Massage zones: full, upper and lower back
    • Soothing heat comforts your tired muscles
    • Spot massage for targeted relief
    • Programmed controller for added comfort and ease of use
    • Mains powered
    • Guarantee: 3 Years

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  • Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Sole Massager with Heat FM-TS9



    • Deep kneading Shiatsu massage – Soothes tired, aching feet
    • Soothing heat - helps ease muscle stiffness and tension
    • Toe touch control – Let’s you easily activate
    • 18 massage heads for maximum performance
    • Built-in cord storage underneath the unit
    • 2 Year Guarantee
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  • Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating shiatsu massage
  • Enjoy three massage zone settings to target your full, upper and lower back muscles
  • Penetrating heat mode to ease your muscle stiffness and tension
  • Easy strapping to almost any of your chairs
  • Fold away your Massage Cushion for maximum portability
  • Mains powered
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