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The Back Stretching Mats Inspired by Yoga


Discover the stretch, the release and the ultimate relaxation. Inspired by yoga-style stretches, the HoMedics STRETCH Back Stretching Mats move your body through a gentle yet powerful sequence of stretches and twists, delivering the many benefits of calm and controlled stretching without leaving your mat. Using a simple, handheld control, every treatment can be customised to perfect the intensity and suit your flexibility. STRETCH is for the yoga-less and the yoga lovers, combine your treatments with deep, slow breathing to unlock and enhance your relaxation.
It’s not breaking news that stretching every day is good for you. There are many benefits of limbering up for the day ahead whether you’re tied to the desk or staying active, stretching at least once a day can leave you feeling more active and less stressed.

With every STRETCH Mat purchase, get easy access to our free guided meditations to perfect your STRETCH experience.


Please click here to find the guided meditation tracks for the STRETCH Mats and Zen Meditation Pillow.


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