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Demineralization Cartridge for HoMedics Ultrasonic Humidifier HUM-20A/ HUM CM50

Model: EV-HDDC4A

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The Demineralization Cartridges in our Ultrasonic Humidifiers help prevent calcium and limescale build-up in your ultrasonic humidifier. Works with all HoMedics ultrasonic humidifiers (1 gallon and larger). Pack of four.


Coughs & colds? Eye, nose, throat or skin irritation?

Breathe easier with the HoMedics Ultrasonic UV-C Cool & Warm Humidifier with Summer Cool and Winter Warm mist. Clean Mist™ Technology and UV-C light kills bacteria, germs and viruses for a cleaner mist and a healthier breathing environment.
Ultrasonic technology: Converts the water into particles that are dispersed into the air evenly and is virtually silent making it great for bedrooms.
With a built in Night Light (ideal for children), easy-read digital display for precise humidity control & 12 hour timer and auto shut-off.

  • Replacement cartridges to help elininate 'white dust' in your water tank
  • Contains 4x cartridges
  • Suitable for all HoMedics Humidifier range
  • Demineralization cartridges should be  should be changed after approx 30-40 fillings
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