HoMedics Shiatsu MAX Massage Chair with Heat CBS-1000


Model: CBS-1000-GB

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  • 14 massage functions to create a personalised massage

  • Shiatsu, rolling and spot massage therapies to choose from

  • Vibration massage seat to soothe upper leg muscles

  • Folds away and easy to store using the handy hanging loop

  • Two double massages nodes for 80% coverage across back and shoulders

  • Heat option for a soothing massage to relieve tension

  • Features

    Gel Massage

    Introducing our HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Max Back & Shoulder Massager. With 14 massage programs to choose from and a simple remote control, you can easily target the aches and pains, and reach those nooks and crannies. We want you to be able to personalise your massages to experience holistic benefits, enhance your well-being and relax at home. In addition to our Shiatsu massage function, we've treated you to Rolling and Spot massage options too. Reaching across the surface of your back and shoulders, the Shiatsu Max home massager provides 80% coverage and more.

    Ultimate Comfort
    Thanks to the bolstered sides and seat, you can sink right into your massage and enjoy a vibration massage to invigorate and tend to the upper legs. If you want to target an area that requires a little extra TLC, then simply adjust the position of the rotating massage mechanism using the Spot Shiatsu controls. A little further up, or slightly further down, inch the nodes until they perfectly positioned to really hit the spot.

    Simple Remote Control
    Using a combination of non-invasive massage therapies, all accessible from a simple handheld remote control, you can find relief from stress and tension. The revolutionary rotating massage mechanism is perfect for providing extra focus on the lumbar area.

    Soothing Heat
    Adding heat to a Shiatsu experience intensifies the massage technique by penetrating the warmth deeper into the muscles as they stretch and loosen stiff tendons. You’ll love the feeling of spreading warmth across the back and shoulders as the massage nodes travel up and down the lumbar.

    Easy Clean
    Make sure your Shiatsu MAX massage chair is completely unplugged before cleaning. Simply wipe down the headrest, arms and seat with a damp cloth. You can remove the deluxe back cover and pop it in the wash at 40C. We've also attached a handy hanging loop to the back for easy storage and minimum dirt transfer.

    80% More Coverage
    Delivering a deep and powerful massage from a single track, we've heightened the experience with 2 double nodes to truly simulate the Japenese Shiatsu technique and reach further across your back.

    Anytime, Anywhere!
    And more often than not, any chair! A practical element, shared by all of our massagers, is the flexibility of both design and lifestyle. The adjustable sides means you can fit the massager to your favourite sofa or chair, fold the seat easily and store the back massager away when you're finished.