HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot spa


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  • HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot spa
  • HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot spa
  • HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot spa
  • HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa

HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa

Model: FB-350-GB

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At HoMedics, we love to design relaxing foot spas. That’s not bragging, we have over 10 years of experience in soothing aching soles from the comfort of your own home. There is one aspect of our luxury foot spas that hasn’t gone unnoticed by our ingenious design team – whilst they are sleek and stylish, they aren’t compact. So it got us thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could just fold it away… ?

HoMedics 2 Year Guarantee


The HoMedics Foot Spa - Folds away for every day

With over 100 ligaments in your feet to care of, you’ll want to keep them in tip top condition. Finding time to visit a spa and really relax is something to plan in advance, rather than on a “need to soak” basis. Turn your spare time into your home spa time with the HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa. Instead of taking up space in the bathroom or wedged beneath the bed, it folds flat to store away without a fuss.

Keeping a foot spa at home is not only a good way to unwind without having to unwind your purse, it's also the perfect way to alleviate built up stress and anxiety, and provides relief from common foot ailments.

Reasons to buy

Vibration massage

To kickstart your foot spa, the vibration massage springs into action as soon as you switch on. The vibrations cause a satisfying ripple across the surface to create a calming sensation.


The acu-nodes are the lovely little lumps and bumps on the floor of the foot spa, they work with the vibration massage to stimulate the acupressure points on the soles of your feet. You can really intensify your foot spa treatment by slowly moving your feet back and forth over the acu-nodes.

A fit for the whole family

We don't blame you if you're not in a rush to tell the whole household about your new foot spa because you might just find yourself having to share. Our luxury foot spa fits foot bearers both big and small, up to size 12. Perfect for pamper nights with friends and family!

The best foot spa at home

Foldaway Footspa

For the best home foot spa experience, make the most of this time to yourself. Soft and supple feet are the first step to achieving the best home pedicure. Start by lighting your favourite scented candles or incense to enjoy an aromatherapeutic treatment.

Place the assembled foot spa on the floor with a towel placed underneath and make sure it is completely unplugged. Fill to the MAX line with warm water. The clever keep warm feature will make sure the temperature stays comfortingly warm throughout your spa treatment.

If you have some favourite bath salts, drop in a small amount. Watch the salts dissolve and let the aroma rise. This is a great way to rehydrate your skin and soften your heels.

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, time to plug in the foot spa and step in. We recommend you limit each spa treatment to 30 minutes each.

If you've found some hard skin you'd really like to tackle then our heel smoother is a must-have tool for your home spa kit.

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  • Mains powered
  • Guarantee: 2 Years
  • Dimensions (when flat): 43.5CM x 40.5CM x 9.6CM
Customer Reviews

26 September 2016

Simple but effective. I like the bumps under my feet which give a nice massage. I found it a good benefit that it folds down, fits neatly under my bed. I would recommend this product.


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