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meet drift, our new passive wellness device. whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and overworked or looking for a way to slow down and be more present, drift makes it easy to find your inner peace.

invite calm in.

beautiful design meets meditative benefits

increase relaxation

inspire creativity

boost mood

enhance focus

see what the professionals are saying

“drift creates a serene space in any home, where the mind can grow still, the breath can become centred, and the body can find calm.”

Dr. Dinorah Nieves, Behavioral Scientist and Love You Author

“drift is a really helpful tool to experience mindfulness. It’s also a great reminder to take a moment for yourself.”

Dr. Melanie Schwartz, Clinical Psychologist

“drift allows you to achieve a much-desired state of relaxation by simply watching the selected patterns evolve.”

Dr. Harvey Rosenstock, Emeritus F.A.C.Psych.

“drift takes you away from the current chaos and into a zone of peace. I keep one in my office to help patients relax.”

Dr. Michelle A. Gonzalez, PsyD, LMHC


Kinetic sand table - create endless patterns for a calm environment and meditation. Take your eyes on a soothing journey as a metal sphere artistically creates designs and patterns in the sand that will fascinate your mind and help you discover a new sense of calm.

  • 100s of mesmerising patterns · Customisable ambient lighting
  • App controlled · Personalised scheduling
  • Elevate your space · Numerous LED colours
  • Always upgrading - automatically updating with new content and features
  • Simple setup – no patience necessary
  • What comes in the box: 1 x Drift bowl, 1 x glass top, 1 x metal sphere, 2 x bags of sand, 1 x sand rake tool, 1 x adaptor power cord
  • Diameter: 54cm
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drift on. switch off.

choose from hundreds of patterns and colors, control the speed and brightness, or pick the perfect design playlist—all from your phone and the easy, intuitive app

transform your wellnessphere

“day 5 with drift and i already feel so relaxed.” — Jess R.

“the perfect way to spice up your boring living room.” — Sharon S.

“it effortlessly brings mindfulness and fun into our everyday.” — Eric L.

“drift is more calming than my nightly glass of wine.” — Megan M.