Shiatsu Max 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager with Heat


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  • Shiatsu Max 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager with Heat
  • Shiatsu Max 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager with Heat
  • Shiatsu Max 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager with Heat
  • Shiatsu Max 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager with Heat Remote Controller

Shiatsu Max 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager with Heat

Model: CBS-2016-GB

Massage Intensity Meter

Mild Intense

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  • 2x2 massage nodes for the deepest, most intense Shiatsu massage for back and shoulders

  • Revolutionary rotating massage mechanism for enhanced lumbar massage

  • Invigorating upper leg vibration massage

  • Simple remote control to customise your massage

  • Deluxe washable back cover for variable intensity and easy maintenance

  • Bolstered sides and seat for ultimate Cocooning seat massage

  • 14 massage programs with variable intensity Shiatsu, Rolling and Spot massage for your back, and Vibration massage for your upper legs and thighs

  • Soothing heat function to comfort tired muscles

  • Features

    The ShiatsuMAX 2.0 Shoulder and Back Massager

    As the leading innovators in home massage, we’ve always got your back. So much so, that we’ve decided to give the much loved ShiatsuMax a makeover. Boasting a new style and some new features, we’re excited to introduce the ShiatsuMax 2.0 into your home.

    The ShiatsuMAX 2.0 is designed to easily target aches and pains, using a simple remote control and up to 14 massage programs. Personalise your massage at home by choosing from a variety of techniques. In addition to our signature Shiatsu, we’ve treated you to Rolling, Spot Shiatsu and a Vibration massage too.

    What’s changed?

    Back massager at home

    The Only Shade of Grey

    A soothing grey in muted tones to stylishly sink into any living room scene. Far from boring, we’ve chosen a shade that’s little more complex than our original cream to complement almost every colour palette.

    The Perfect Fit

    Every body is different, so we’ve designed the headrest and seat to be adjustable for ultimate comfort throughout your massage. We’ve also added an adjustable function to the height and width of the massage reach so you can be sure we’re hitting the right spot every time.

    Reasons to buy

    Personalise your Massage

    With a full demo to get you started and up to 14 massage programs to mix and match, you can choose from Shiatsu, Rolling, Vibration and Spot Shiatsu massage to create a massage sequence that suits you. The soothing heat function is optional too, so when you’re ready to intensify your massage, simply activate heat to enjoy an increasing warmth.

    Low maintenance

    With a removable back cover and resistant material, keeping your ShiatsuMAX 2.0 in pristine condition is delightfully simple. You can remove your back cover and pop it in the wash at 40’C. For the rest of your massage chair, it just needs a simple wipe down with a warm, damp cloth.

    Secure strapping system

    As your mind relaxes, you’ll find your body will too. Unlike other massage chairs, when this happens you won’t find yourself actually slipping away. Our sturdy strapping system makes the ShiatsuMAX 2.0 the perfect fit for most office and home chairs. Simply place the massager onto the chair and secure using the adjustable strap.

    Benefits of the home back massager

    Instant relief

    The hustle and bustle of everyday life can often mean a sudden ache or twinge goes untreated. A trip to a masseuse can cost time and money that you’d rather not part with. Keeping a back massager at home means you can find instant relief and some “you time”, without finding time for an appointment or having to pay per session.

    Reduce muscle tension

    We often neglect our body’s signals. Whether your work is excessively physical or you find yourself hunched over a desk every day, your posture and muscle conditioning will suffer as a result of long-term discomfort. Try mixing and matching the variety of our massage therapies, they’re non-invasive and perfect for treating lumbar ailments.

    Release and increase your endorphins

    An invigorating massage will increase your production of endorphins, the “feel-good” chemical that reduces feelings of stress and naturally lifts your spirit.

    Types of Massage

    home back massager


    A deep, kneading massage using circular motions and “finger-like” nodes to reproduce the experience of a real Shiatsu massage therapist. A perfect choice for relaxation and loosening tight muscles.


    After some kneading action from the Shiatsu massage, a switch to Rolling is a good move. Like two hands and thumbs running up and down the length of your back, it’s a great way to stretch and soften the muscles.


    Once comfortably seated into your massage chair, activate the Vibration massage and enjoy an An invigorating treatment to the upper legs/thighs.

    Spot Shiatsu

    If you want to target an area that requires a little extra TLC, then simply adjust the position of the rotating massage mechanism using the Spot Shiatsu controls. A little further up, or slightly further down, inch the nodes until they perfectly positioned to really hit the spot.

    The spec:

  • Mains powered
  • Dimensions: 81cm x45cm x 10cm
  • Two year guarantee
  • Cord length: 2.6m

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    Customer Reviews

    24 March 2017

    Very good it can make your back pain go extremely happy that I bought one.


    27 January 2017

    I am starting to suffer with back and neck issues as I get older, probably as I am an ex nurse and horse rider and have always had physical hobbies / work. I now am self employed as a Foot Health Practitioner and my posture doing domicilliary visits can be very poor, which does not help. I get very stiff and my neck can trigger migraine type symptoms, so I am planning on using my Shiatsu MAX 2.0 back massager regularly every day, which will be bliss. Have used it twice today to try it out, I feel confident this chair will help me very much, as I can`t afford to visit a masseur every day!.


    21 January 2017

    I bought this as a gift for my sister who works too hard and suffers from a lot of back ache. She loves it.
    She has left it at my house as that's the only place she is ever sat still long enough to enjoy it. Needless to say I've used it ( I have a three year old child so backache from lugging her around is all part and parcel. IT IS AMAZING.
    My friends ( from yoga enthusiasts , a personal trainer and builders!) have all had a try when they've been over and a couple have asked for the product details to get one for themselves.
    My friend, who's a builder has a go every time he pops by ( his facial expression is akin to Homer Simpson when he's imaging doughnuts! ) I'm starting to wonder if hes even coming over to see me at all these days or if it's just the dam chair!..... Anyway.......

    Yes, it is as good as the other purchasers claim it is.
    Yes it's worth the money, DEFINITELY!

    The only downside is that it doesn't have a wine pouring function!.... You can't have it all apparently!


    29 December 2016

    I have suffered chronic lower back pain for about 15 years, and have suffered with occasional hip pain for about 2 years. My upper back and shoulders joined in about a year ago. I have had a very old, small and heavy shiatsu massager which gave a pleasant massage, but I didn't use it often because I felt I did more harm than good trying to move it up and down my back. Because of that, I knew that shiatsu massage had the potential to help with my problems and this year I decided to treat myself to the Max 2 and oh boy! It's lovely. I am very pleased with the ability to swap between shiatsu and rolling massage as both are beneficial but sometimes one is preferable over the other. I really like that the massage balls move up and down the chair with no effort from me, but also to be able to choose the area you want massaging, and to focus on a particular spot if need be. I have always found heat comforting, both mentally and physically, so the gentle heat is an added bonus for me, though I can imagine not wanting to use that feature in the summer time. The only downside is the time limit of 15 minutes. I understand that this is for safety, but if I could, I would sit there all day. I wish I had bought this years ago.


    19 December 2016

    I had a go on one of these in a shop. Oh my God. I ordered one straight away. Amazing.


    18 October 2016

    I am a spinal care nurse, and have suffered a pulled back during manual handling. I cannot recommend this chair enough. I was worried the massage was not going to be strong wrong could I have been! I am so in love with my new chair, that I may need to be surgically removed from it. Don't hesitate, you won't regret this purchase.


    26 September 2016

    Great product for me and my husband. We are always complaining about aching after football and horse riding so i looked online for massagers and ordered this particular one. It works a treat and gives a suprisingly good massage all the way down the back. The only thing i found was my sofa has a slanted back so it doesn't quite feel right sitting the cushion upright, however my solution is to recline it and lay back into it, which is so relaxing!


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