Best Air Purifiers for Hay-fever Sufferers

Have you considered using an air purifier to help fight hay fever symptoms? Creating an environment with cleaner air in your home can be beneficial to the health of your family and pets. Air purifiers are designed to capture airborne bacteria and allergens, leaving you to breathe in the clean air. All HoMedics air purifiers use HEPA Filters, one of the most efficient air filters on the market. HEPA-Type filters capture up to 99.0% of airborne particles and True HEPA filters capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles, down to 0.3 microns in size. This type of filtration can capture anything from pollen, germs and pet dander to odours and smoke, therefore significantly reducing allergy symptoms. Here at HoMedics, we have a wide selection of air purifiers, helping to keep those pesky hay fever symptoms at bay.

The HoMedics TotalClean Desktop air purifier is our most compact purifier yet! It’s great for targeting smaller rooms, purifying up to 55.2M²/H / 595FT²/H?, ideal for the office or bedroom. This air purifier includes an auto-off timer, allowing you to set it to run for 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours and with the whisper quiet operation, it will run discreetly in the background, so you won’t hear a thing! Included with the TotalClean Desktop air purifier is a replacement filter indicator, signalling when it’s time to replace with a new filter.


The HoMedics 5 In 1 TotalClean air purifier range is available in three sizes; small, medium and large. All models have a 360° HEPA filtration system, carbon odour filtration and optional ionizer filtration systems. This range is also fitted with a UV-C light, killing germs before they can develop into viruses and bacteria. An aroma tray with three essential oil pads are included with each model, so you can enjoy the refreshing smell of your favourite essential oils whilst breathing in the clean air of your surroundings.


The small air purifier is best for use in smaller rooms, purifying up to 75.8M²/H / 816FT²/H, great for your office space. Pollen levels can be just as high at night as during the day, especially when the temperatures are warmer. With the night mode setting allowing you to turn the display lights off, the medium air purifier can sit discreetly in your bedroom as it’s best for use in medium sized rooms, purifying up to 84M²/H / 888FT²/H. The largest air purifier of the 5 In 1 TotalClean range is fitted with an auto-mode setting. Once on, the particle sensor within the purifier will adjust the cleaning speed as necessary to provide you with clean air surroundings. This is best for use in larger rooms, purifying up to 109M²/H / 1176FT²/H.


All our air purifiers maintain cleaner air for whenever you need it, allowing you to enjoy the summer months without having to worry about the pollen levels being uncomfortable in your own home. Not only are our purifiers great for hay fever sufferers but also removing strong odours and dust spores to create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Not sure which air purifier would best suit you? Take a look at our air purifier comparison table to help find the answer.

?Purifying Area
The purifying area is stated in m2/h based upon a upon a standard ceiling height of 2.43m (8 foot). If your room area is half the size the air purifier will clean the air once every 30min (or twice an hour). If your room area is one quarter of the size the air purifier will clean the air once every 15min (or four times a hour). How frequently you require your room air to be purified will depend upon the severity of your allergies and environmental factors such as the pollen count on that particular day. We recommend our air purifiers are suitable for Large, Medium and Small room sizes to ensure a constant supply of purified air and to allow for natural air changes such as external ventilation or exiting and entering a room through the door.