Best White Noise Machine 2019

White noise machines are the new way to relaxation and deeper sleep. With society advancing and moving at a quicker rate than ever, we need to remember to slow down and sometimes, stop. Ensuring we get enough sleep is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing and as a nation we don’t get enough of it. HoMedics have designed the perfect White Noise Sleep Machines for all ages within your family, helping you or your little ones rest better.

White noise is a combination of all possible sound frequencies audible to the human ear with frequencies between 20-20000 Hz. The sound itself is compared to the sound of thousands of people talking in a sports stadium; a blurred roar or buzz. However, white noise has now been found to help mask distracting sounds, help concentration, alleviate tinnitus and promote more relaxing sleep patterns. The noise blends external sounds into an overall background noise, forcing your brain to pay less attention and making them inaudible. White noise has been found to soothe babies to sleep as it appears to replicate noises that would have been heard in the mother’s womb; muffled background noise or the heartbeat.

HoMedics SoundSpa Rejuvenate Sleep Aid Machine incorporates everything great about white noise therapy, its benefits and more into one portable device. Stylish and small it takes up very little space on a bedside cabinet and also makes the perfect travel companion for those who struggle to settle in new environments. The SoundSpa comes with six sleep therapy sounds; White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night and Brook, all popular noises that we associate with relaxation and can aid a restful sleep. These natural sounds block exterior noises at the perfect volume and has a continuous run time with an optional auto-off timer of up to 15, 30 or 60 minutes, helping you to get to sleep in your own time. Powered by batteries or an adapter and with a 2-year guarantee, find yourself sleeping longer and deeper than ever before.

Sounds therapy can also be used during yoga or meditation practice to assist relaxation. You might love the sound of rainfall on a window or waves crashing onto the shore and with a HoMedics SoundSpa, you can incorporate all of these therapeutic sounds into your daily relaxation routine.

Newborn babies and infants are known to struggle with sleep, if you’re looking for something to help your little one drift off, the MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine is the perfect aid help get your baby to sleep especially when in unfamiliar settings. This device comes with four soothing sounds; Heartbeat (perfect to replicate the noise associated with comfort and being in the womb), White noise, Ocean and Lullaby. Portable and coming with a handy clip, it can be attached to prams, nappy bags, cots and more. If you prefer, the flat base is great to leave it freestanding in their nursery too. Additionally, the SoundSpa can play continuously or used with the optional timer for 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Big and easy-to-read buttons make for easy use allowing you to set volume, sound and timer.

In addition to the HoMedics On-The-Go machine, the MyBaby SoundSpa Portable - has extra sounds to choose from; Heartbeat, Ocean, Brook, Cradle, Summer Night and White Noise, all designed to relax and block out distracting noises.. A slightly sturdier device yet still portable and cordless to allow use wherever needed around the house. Similar to other white noise machines in the HoMedics range, the SoundSpa Portable has adjustable volume settings and timer options to suit you.

Discover the relaxing benefits of white noise, to aid in blocking out unwanted or distracting external noises,keeping you or your family awake. Experiment with the range of soothing sounds and allow your body to rest as you gradually buildsound therapy into your routine.

By Sarah Lovell

Sarah is a blogger and influencer with a passion for beauty and wellness products. With experience in the massage industry, Sarah is ideal for providing HoMedics with detailed views and opinions.