Homedics Percussion Massager + Heat

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Model: PA-MHA-GB
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Homedics Percussion Massager + Heat

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    • Deep tissue massage for intense muscle relief
    • Variable 2 speed control for maximum comfort
    • Up to 3,000 pulses per minute
    • Four interchangeable massage heads
    • Lightweight and easy to use

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    Compact Percussion Massager with Heat

    Minimise stress and maximise relaxation with the Compact Percussion Handheld Massager. Using dual pivoting nodes, we've mastered the deep tissue technique and paired it with our favourite handheld design to create rapid percussive pulsations and treat aching muscles. Perfect for achieving the best personal massage experience all over the body, with changeable massage nodes, variable intensity and an easy reach design.

    Key Features

    person using the Compact Percussion Massager Deep Tissue Handheld Massage with Heat

    Easy Reach

    There's no strain reaching aches and pains with this handheld massager, thanks to the lengthened handle and comfortable grip.

    image of the Compact Percussion Massager Deep Tissue Handheld Massage with Heat from above

    Personalise Your Massage

    For more sensitive areas, you can attach the soft nodes for a lighter massage that still provides relief for stiff tendons, a good option for treating near the spine and across the shoulder blades. If you're ready to crank up the heat, simple switch the feature on. The heated massage nodes are great for soothing sore and stiff tendons, they'll warm up gradually to a comfortable temperature that sinks deeply into tired muscles.

    person using the Compact Percussion Massager Deep Tissue Handheld Massage with Heat on shoulder

    A Full Body Massage

    Instead of simply vibrating and gliding over the skin, the Compact Percussion Handheld Massager massages into the problem areas to ease tension. Making the compact design even more perfect for treating multiple areas of the body, you can work over the back, lumbar area, legs and arms anywhere you can reach!

    Product Specifications


    Dimensions (cm): L: 35.5 x W: 14.5 x H: 10
    Weight (kg): 1.1
    Heat setting - maximum temperature is around 60°C, this is a gradual build up and not instant.
    We do not recommend placing the massager behind you and leaning on it as this can result in injury.
    We recommend that the unit is not operated continuously for more than 15 minutes, and that you do not massage the same area for longer than 3 minutes.
    Mains Powered
    Power Rating: 18 W
    2 Year Guarantee

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