HoMedics Group Ltd company name change announcement 2018

company name change

We are changing our company name in the UK from HoMedics Group Ltd to FKA Brands Limited. This change of name was registered at Companies House on 22nd November 2017 and becomes effective immediately. Whilst our company registration no: 04353765 and bank account details have not changed, our bank account name has now changed to FKA Brands Limited.

This strategic decision has been driven by the growth and expansion of the company into new categories of product and we now have a broad portfolio of brands including House of Marley, Sol Republic, Jam and HMDX in Consumer Electronics as well as Salter and HoMedics in housewares and personal care, which do not all fit naturally under the HoMedics Group name.

We have chosen FKA Brands Limited as an umbrella name for the group as this will align us with our global business name and will help us to operate as one united business.

Please update your records with our new company name and thank you for your continued support.