Caution Statements for HoMedics® Face Masks

Pleated Ear-Loop Face Mask,
Single Use:

  • • Non-sterile disposable, single-use surgical face mask and cannot be reused
  • • Does not provide protection against pathogenic biological airborne particulates and are not recommended for use in aerosol generating procedures and any clinical conditional where there is significant risk of infection through inhalation exposure
  • • Recommended be worn when delivering direct care within 2 metres of a suspected/confirmed Covid-19 case
  • • On their own an IIR Mask will not provide complete protection so should be worn with eye protection if splashing or spraying of blood, body fluids, secretions or excretions onto the respiratory mucosa (nose and mouth) is anticipated or likely
  • • Before use, check the mask and make sure it is not damaged and polluted and be replaced if damaged, visibly soiled, damp, uncomfortable or difficult to breathe through
  • • Follow the instructions for use and wear the mask properly, not touched once put on or allowed to dangle around the neck
  • • Please do not wash, water wash may reduce the protection effect of the mask
  • • Keep out of reach of children under the age of 3 years
  • • Store in a clean, dry, and cool place with good ventilation

Pleated Ear-Loop Face Mask:


  • • Remove mask from bag. Unfold mask and apply to face from bridge of nose down to jaw.
  • • Lightly press along nose piece to fit.
  • • Hang elastic straps over both ears.
  • • Adjust to fit mask to cover from the bridge of nose to jaw.
  • • Dispose after use or it becomes solied. Single use only. Do not reuse.


Always follow User Instructions and use in manners as indicated
DO NOT use in any manner not indicated in the User Instructions