How To Transition Your Skincare from Winter to Spring

As the weather changes, so do the needs of your skin. Read our top tips below!

Lighten Up Your Moisturiser
Dry and flaky skin in the winter is a sign that it’s time to lighten up your moisturiser. After a few months of laying it on thick with various oils and serums, you can start to introduce a lighter and water-based lotion in the lead up the brighter months as your skin will naturally hold more water on its own.

Exfoliate The Layer Of Winter Skin
You may have spent the winter period itching at frustratingly flaky skin and the last thing you’ll think it needs is an extra good scrub. Actually, exfoliation is needed to combat dry skin. This way, you can strip away that dead skin sitting on the surface and clogging up your pores. HoMedics Pureté Facial Cleanser is ideal to work away the build up of pollution, impurities, make-up and sweat on the surface of your face. If you're looking to exfoliate a little deeper, you could try the HoMedics Radiance - a simple home microdermabrasion tool. After a few skincare sessions like this, you’ll be feeling fresher, firmer and ready to step into Spring.

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Essential Oils
Using a carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil, you can add a few drops of essential oil to really nourish your skin. Make sure your essential oil is 100% therapeutic grade! To soothe the dryness of the winter months, a few drops of lavender or patchouli oil will soften those dry patches right up.

Pick A Hand Lotion That Transitions Like The Seasons
Keeping your hands supple and soft can be difficult because they feel the weather more than most parts of our exposed skin because it is so thin. Keep wearing your gloves until the warmer weather really sinks in. Choose a hand cream that helps to protect and repair the impact of cold weather.


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