How To Create A Day Spa At Home

Home spa days are a perfectly cheap and easy way to relax after a long day. You can also use some of these ideas to treat your friend/s to a pamper session for a birthday, baby shower or a much needed night in.
Creating your very own day spa at home is super easy and means you’re in complete control of the natural products you can nourish your body with – and say goodbye to thinking of spa treatments as a rare and expensive treat. Here is how to create a day spa in your home:

Creating A Day Spa – The Basics

Scented Candles Set the Scene
Turn the lights and your phone off – no distractions. Instead, create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere by lighting scented, essential oil based natural wax candles. Make sure you have some soft, fluffy towels ready at hand.

Have a Soothing Bath
Swirl some of your favourite bath oil into warm water and soak for at least 15 minutes. While you’re soaking, treat your nails by massaging warmed olive oil into your hands and nailbeds; brushing them over with toxin-free soap and rinsing off.

Lavender & Orange Essential Oils Treat Your Hair
Before you have your soak, mix sesame oil (half a cup) and sweet almond oil (one cup) with sweet orange and lavender essential oil (five drops each). During your soak, massage this special hair oil treatment into your hair and scalp for a few minutes, then wrap your hair into a towelling turban. Leave for as long as you can before rinsing, shampooing and conditioning your hair.

Have A Facial
Infuse rose petals, lavender flowers and lemongrass with some fresh parsley and mint leaves in boiling water for about five minutes (in a jug or teapot). Pour this infusion into the sink or a large bowl and add sufficient hot water to half fill this receptacle. Drape a soft towel over your head like a tent and lean over the steam (make sure to stay approximately 20 cm above the surface of the water) for around 5 minutes to unclog any oil and debris. Smooth your favourite cleanser onto your face and lean over the steam for another minute to release any impurities. Apply a toner (made in a spray bottle using pure water; a drop of rose and lavender oil each and a splash of milk); exfoliate and apply a mask suitable for your skin’s needs. Soak some cotton pads in green tea (cold) and pop them onto your eyes to reduce puffiness and tone. Rest while your mask is on, then rinse off and complete your facial with an organic, active ingredient-rich moisturiser.

Have a Massage
Mix 10 drops of your favourite essential oil with sweet almond oil (two cups). Warm your hands by rubbing them together (this will also invigorate energy flow) and, starting at your feet’s soles and moving up towards the heart in firm, long strokes, massage the oil into your skin. Snuggle up under warmed, fluffy towels until all oil has been absorbed.

Manicure & Pedicure
Mix brown sugar and sea salt (one cup each) into a paste with olive oil (two tablespoons). Exfoliate your feet and hands by massaging this paste into the skin to slough rough skin and invigorate. Rinse, dry and finish off by shaping and painting your nails.

Day Spa Tool Kit
Make your day spa at home even more pleasurable and effective by investing in a foot spa; one of our extensive range of massagers and/or some of our spa and beauty products today. Explore our range here.


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