With a greater understanding of a massager’s ability to improve both physical and wellbeing, it’s perhaps no surprise that it is increasingly being used to hit the right spots with just the right pressure. In this section you will find our top Massage Tips, Product Reviews and of course, your favourites.


Massage Tips
If there’s one thing we do well, it’s massage. And a massage at home is even better. Over the years, we’ve had many questions including “what is the best massage for me?” and “what’s the difference between Swedish and Shiatsu?”. In this section, we’re going to answer all those questions along with the best Massage Tips from HoMedics!

The Key Benefits of a Foot Spa
Owning a foot spa brings out a myriad of benefits to your mind, body and soul and the treatment. October 2019.

Types Of Massage And Their Benefits
Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and Deep Tissue Massage explained. February 2017.


Massage Guide
What is the best massage for you? November 2019.

Product Reviews
From tension relief at any time of the day to guided meditations, the HoMedics Massage category is a well-known one. In this section, we have featured some of our favourite product reviews received by our team from you guys!

Here’s What Happened After Using The HoMedics STRETCH Mat For A Week
HoMedics STRETCH mat: An extensive review. April 2018.