The Key Benefits of a Foot Spa

With the advent in technology, thankfully you do not have to work too hard for pampering yourself. Whether it is following YouTube tutorials for getting your make-up on point or sitting at home to enjoy the benefits of a foot spa, there are many amazing ways to feed your mind, body and soul with a little extra love. We recently put together our best foot spas for 2019 (read here) and received an overwhelming response from you, along with a few questions about the benefits of owning one.
From relaxation to improving a person’s mood, owning a foot spa brings out a myriad of benefits to your mind, body and soul and the treatment has been used by many cultures for centuries. If you’re looking to kick off your shoes after a long day, keep reading because today we’ve answered this question in depth.

Improve Blood Circulation 
We all know the general fact that a foot spa is good for you. When your feet are under stress, the circulation of your blood tends to be impeded. A good foot spa session releases the tension formed around the tight muscles and tendons and allows blood to flow and circulate smoothly to your other bodily organs and brain.

Relaxed Feet, Happy Soul
Sliding into liquid bliss allows knots to unknot and pain for to be gently soothed away. Although various medicines and therapies can help deal with problems like anxiety and depression, it is widely believed that having a foot spa can make all the difference in relieving mental stress and anxiety. This is turn can lower high blood pressure. Jets of water in the HoMedics Foot Spas provide a massage in the form of hydrotherapy, improving the blood flow and circulation in your feet after a long day.

Relief From Migraines & Headaches
Migraines are awfully annoying and often being chronic, there really isn’t a definitive cure for these types of headaches apart from easing the pain by throwing in a few tablets. Using massage therapy, you can treat headaches and a good foot rub goes a long way as it reduces stress – which is the number one headache trigger.

Improved Mood & Well-being 
One of the great ways to put yourself in a great mood is treating yourself to a foot spa. Its therapeutic and rejuvenating experience gives an instant boost leaving you feeling recharged and energized. Balance is when all your body parts are working together in harmony to give you an overall healthy body and mind. 

A foot spa brings a lot of wonderful benefits not only to the physical body but also to mental health. With just a 15 to 20-minute session a few times per week, you can reap all the benefits and do wonders to your mind and body without a lot of effort. Do you perhaps have any top tips we may have missed out on? Follow us on Instagram and let us know. @HoMedicsUK

Are you looking for a foot spa? View our handy shopping guide here and find the right foot spa for you! 

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