What Is The Best Massage For You?

If there’s one thing we know best, its massage! We’ve been relieving stiff muscles and tight knots for years across the globe. With so many massage styles on offer, you might be struggling to choose the best massage for you. To help out, we’ve put together our own HoMedics Massage Guide. Of course, our hearts will always lie with Shiatsu massage but there are plenty of massage options to go round.

The first step to finding the perfect massage for you lies in the answer to this question:

Why do you need a massger?

Stress and Anxiety
Life can be pretty busy, and it is this busyness that can make life stressful. In times of stress, our bodies respond by entering the “fight or flight” mode. Whether we fight or take flight, we still experience an increased level of cortisol. On days, we’re not likely to face a wild beast to release our hiked-up stress hormone onto, we sit with it which can lead to headaches, insomnia and even digestive problems. All of which are common symptoms of anxiety. So to combat these symptoms, you need to reduce those cortisol levels. A deeply relaxing massage is a really enjoyable way to do just that.
We'd recommend an Acupressure Massage: it works on the theory that stimulating certain pressure points on the body can relieve built-up stress. A lovely treatment delivered by our HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Footspa would be a great choice, you can run your feet over the acu-nodes to stimulate your solar plexus. It also folds flat - so that takes care of any storage stress.

Niggles and Aches
Experts reckon that about 80% of adults experience lower backache at some point in their lifetimes. As one of the leading causes of missed workdays and job-related debility, it’s a problem that impacts on everyday life. Often it begins as a twinging, acute pain that bothers us but, not enough to stop us working and playing. Left untreated, aches can become more painful and even cause long term problems.
Yep, we thought as much. You need a Rolling Massage. Running the length of your back with gentle pressure to stretch and roll over dull aches and sore spots that require a little bit of TLC. A massage therapist might use a variety of techniques to do this for you: open palm, knuckles, closed fist and thumbs. Our Shiatsu Max 2.0 is a popular customer favourite for being able to enjoy the same rolling massage treatment at home. You can also warm the nodes to enjoy a soothing and comforting heat.

I Want to Feel Good
If you’re feeling sluggish and in need of a pick me up. There are some great massages you can enjoy for an energy boost, to wind down and/or to centre yourself. It’s important to look after your well-being, something we are all guilty of taking for granted. We need to keep our mind and body running like any other well-oiled machine, by making time for a service.
Let's talk Shiatsu Massage. That’s one of many reasons why Shiatsu is at the core of our massage obsession! It’s a traditional form of bodywork from Japan using kneading, tapping, stretching and soothing techniques. There are no oils or creams used and there’s also no need to strip off – light clothing is perfect.

A good massage doesn’t have to involve a lot of effort – at least not from your end anyway and there are plenty of massage types suited to different issues. Finding the one that is right for you may take a bit of experimentation, but the results will be so worth it! Whether it is to heal, relax, or help you feel more balanced, you can always count on a good massage to get you through. Sometimes, relaxation is all about keeping it simple. Have you checked out our HoMedics Massage Range yet?

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