Looking for ways to alleviate stress and enhance your physical and mental well-being? You’ve come to the right place! In this section, we’ve put together various ways that cater to self-care, relationships and an overall healthy & balanced lifestyle.


We’ve been helping your body feel good for 30 years, we want your mind to feel good too. We’re building a positive online community, helping you achieve the ultimate balance of total relaxation for the mind and body.

How To Travel Mindfully
Travel. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word? Beaches, palm trees and the blue ocean sky? Yes, it does the trick for us too. Read on for tips to travel mindfully. April 2019.

Being mindful this Mother’s Day
Motherhood is the purest relationship that cannot be defined in just a day. If you’re thinking on what to do for Mother’s Day or probably just a need a break from the monotony, we’ve lined up a few mindful ways to spend this day. March 2019.

5 Ways To Stay Mindful This Summer
Summer holidays are you let yourself lose rather than ‘planning’ things our way and one way in which you could de-stress is to be mindful. September 2018.


Mindfulness Tasks For Busy Mums
Being Mum is many things. Being Mum is learning, fearing, overcoming and loving. Being Mum is an endless list of descriptives. To some extent, you feel like, “Being is Mum”. March 2018.

5 Benefits Of Mindfulness
Mindfulness. Whether you’re well-versed in the practice of mindfulness or a stranger to the term, it’s integrative nature ensures that not only is it easy to practice during our day to day lives, but the benefits are simple to attain. February 2018.

3 Ways For You To Stay Mindful Today
Mindfulness. The benefits are abundant – it reduces stress, anxiety and improves our general state of mental health, yet we in the western world struggle to incorporate it into our lives. January 2018.

Take some time out for youself and focus on what you need.

Working From Home. Is it time to buy an air purifier?
Since we’re all having to spend a lot more time in our homes at current, this is the perfect moment to consider the air quality surrounding you and your family. April 2020.

Best Air Purifiers For Hay Fever Sufferers
Have you considered using an air purifier to help fight hay fever symptoms? JULY 2019

Why Walking To Work Is Good For You
As the days start to get lighter and a little warmer, this is a great time to consider changing your journey to work. March 2020.


Making The Most Out Of Your Mornings
If you struggle to wake up feeling refreshed and motivated, these simple tips can help transform your morning routine. February 2020.

Balance Festival 2020
A weekend crammed full of opportunities to better connect your mind and body, so you can achieve the ultimate balance of life.

Best Air Purifiers For 2020
We often give hardly any thought to air quality in the places where we live, dine, and sleep for hours every day. Decemeber 2020.


Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2020
Enjoy the benefits of essential oils drifting throughout the room with an Ellia Aromatherapy diffuser. Decemeber 2020.

Why Purchase An Air Purifier
The air in your home can have a significant impact on your long-term health and happiness. And air quality isn’t just about breathable purity: It includes your home’s moisture levels, undetectable carbon odors, and airborne bacteria. October 2019

Ways To Manage Stress & Anxiety
By finding positive, healthy ways to manage stress as it occurs, many negative health consequences can be reduced. October 2019


Ways To Reduce Stress
Whether you’re going away to uni or dealing with the daily battles, stress is a part of life. We’ve narrowed down on a few tips we live by to beat it. August 2019

How To Keep Cool In The Summer Heat
Keeping cool in the summers isn’t just about comfort. Dangerously high temperatures can result in heat exhaustion, cramps or even a heat stroke. August 2019.

Ways to Travel Comfortably
If you’ve tried your luck to upgraded, worry not. We’ve put together a few ways so that you feel like you’re in First Class (well, nearly). August 2019.


Taking care of your skin during the festive season
Christmas is arguably one of the busiest times of year and, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably fully booked every evening from now until at least the 27th. Here are a few ways to how to truly treat yourself this Christmas. November 2018

How to relax after exercise
We know what a stress buster exercising can be. While we all have our way of keeping fit, we sometimes ignore the fatigue and aches that follow after working out. Hence why we’re suggesting 4 mindful ways to recover and relax after a heavy fitness session! September 2018

How To Wind Down After A Busy Day

Whether it’s the amount of work we need to do, conflicting priorities, or just many things going wrong, a long day can be challenging and stressful. Here are a few tips on how you can wind down after a busy day. September 2018


How Dance Can Help You Relax
When thinking about the potential health benefits of dance, lean muscles and improved fitness spring to mind. But dancing can provide us with so much more than just physical exercise, it can complement our mental wellbeing too. July 2018.

5 Simple Ways To Relax Your Mind & Body
Simple accessible relaxation techniques that are easy to apply to your everyday routine. March 2018.

5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues
As temperatures fall and the dark hours draw in, it’s time to get cosy at home. October 2017.


5 Easy Desk Stretches You Should Be Doing Daily
Spending long hours at your desk hunched over your computer is a leading cause of back pain and neck strain. If you can’t find time for regular walks around the office to keep your body moving, you can combat this with some simple stretches to try at your desk. January 2017.

5 Ways To Take It Easy & Relax More
Learning to relax more, allowing yourself time to just be still. Refining the art of doing nothing, saying no and taking a moment for you. January 2017.

5 Ways To Do Valentine's Day
Seeing Valentine's Day as an opportunity to simply love more. February 2017.


How To Love Yourself Better
The season of love is upon us and many are planning on showing their loved ones just how much they mean to them. But what about ourselves? When did we stop making the time to self-love? February 2018.

Balance Festival 2019
If you happened to attend the Balance Festival 2019, you would’ve spotted us in grey hoodies near the HoMedics stand. Here’s what happened. August 2019.

Benefits of Using Ellia Essential Oils & Diffusers
More than sitting on a shelf and looking aesthetically pleasing, Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years and have many uses. One of the ways to reap benefits them is via diffusers. Read on for more! February 2019

Happiness & Sleep
Sleep is synonymous to happiness don’t you think? (When taken in right amounts though). In this section we have discussed ways on improving sleeping patterns, and enhancing overall happiness for a better life.

How To Cope With The Clocks Changing
Although it may only be an hour's time difference, the clocks going back can play tricks on the mind and body. October 2019.

5 Ways To Sleep Soundly
Sleeping peacefully is the one thing we can do to lead a healthy lifestyle and being unable to do that can be devastating to overall health and well-being. September 2018.


The Secret To A Good Night’s Sleep
With a 1/3 of the UK population getting by on just 5-6 hours of sleep per night, it’s clear that we need to rekindle our relationship with sleep. March 2018.

Sleep Therapy - Why Sleep is Important to Your Health
Protecting your physical and mental health, as well as your safety and quality of life, getting a good night’s sleep plays an important role in maintaining your well-being and good health. February 2017.

White Noise: What It Is & Why You’ll Love It
Sometimes the best way to get a peaceful night’s sleep is by making some noise. Not just any noise, white noise! January 2017.

The relationship you have with others can have a huge impact on your mental health and well-being as well as theirs. Issues like loneliness, lower self-confidence and a lack of emotional intelligence can be the most difficult to handle and may affect our day to day lives. In this section, we’ve curated a few top tips on maintaining a good relationship with friends, family, partner and even co-workers.

The key to helping others
By helping others in their time of need, we build this bond deeper and it takes the relationship to a whole new level. Only when you learn to love yourself, is when you can gain the ability to love and care for others. February 2019.

How living with pets improves your well-being
Imagine arriving home after a hard day at work and your furry friend runs towards you with nothing but pure joy! If this made you smile, we’re sure you’d like to read on. October 2018