5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

The change in season is not always an easy transition. As temperatures fall and the dark hours draw in, it’s time to get cosy at home. But there’s no denying the lull after the satisfying crunch of autumn leaves turn to sludge. And digging out your gloves to hold a sparkler doesn’t seem so fun when it’s to grip a cold steering wheel.
SADA estimate that 29% of the UK’s population suffers from some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D). It’s natural to find yourself reaching for comfort food and feeling a little lethargic throughout the winter months, however, a noticeable change in mood, long periods of tiredness and problems sleeping are signs that you could be suffering from the winter blues – a subtler form of S.A.D.

Below are 5 ways you can help fight the winter blues:

Keep Moving
Balance out your time between curling up under a blanket with a brisk walk in the crisp fresh air. Stay active with regular exercise, walking everyday or, how about trying out a new exercise class?

Keep Doing
Feeling lethargic means you need to dig a little deeper for motivation. If you feel the urge to stay in bed, grab a notepad and write your to-do list. Get up – and take pleasure in striking out each one.

Keep Planning
This is the time to be looking to the future. Create anticipation and start planning your spring travels or a day trip. The excitement of something to look forward to is a consistent mood booster.

Keep It Light
Light therapy – a tried and trusted way to combat the winter blues. Sit close to a lightbox (around 100x brighter than your typical house bulb) for 30 mins a day to reduce your melatonin level.

Stay Present
It’s easy to wish away the winter days and dream of summers past. Instead, focus on the present. Mindfulness is a popular way to calmly and positively recognise and accept your feelings.