Being Mindful This Mother's Day

"Not all superheroes wear capes" 

Motherhood is the purest relationship that cannot be defined in just a day. Mothers give us endless time, energy and pure unconditional love and it is only vital to appreciate this because it’s not an easy job. If you’re a mother yourself, realise that you’re amazing and deserve to put yourself first and have some mindful time!
If you’re thinking on what to do for Mother’s Day or probably just a need a break from the monotony, we’ve lined up a few mindful ways to spend this day! Read on…

1) Pamper Yourself!
Getting that, will not only fetch you happiness, but you will also be able to then devote attention to your loved ones better. Take a break and spend the day with what you love to do! Go out and shop your wish list, enrol for that yoga class you’ve always wanted to go to. If you prefer to stay indoors, listen to some music, watch a movie or play the to rise, take a moment to plan and prioritise, talk and connect with those around you, and always remember, you are enough.

2) Spa Time
Make it a spa day! Treat yourself to the delight and wonderful world of massages, facials, manis and pedis to give you the much-needed time to unwind.

3) Work Out
If you’re feeling active, try riding a bike, going to the gym, playing a sport, doing some yoga or Pilates. Enjoy your own company!

4) Catch Up With Friends
Once you’re done with spa or the work out session, make a quick phone call and invite your friends over for some dinner – yet don’t cook if you already spend most of your life in the kitchen! Order in some food, put on your favourite TV show and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere!

5) Take A Holiday
Who says Mother’s Day is the only day to be mindful? Use this weekend as an excuse and book yourself a retreat or a resort to absorb that vitamin sea! Travelling is not only fun but also a great way to squeeze out all your worries!

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