How To Keep Cool In The Summer Heat

Do you feel like you are enduring the heat rather than enjoying it? Keeping cool in the summers isn’t just about comfort. Dangerously high temperatures can result in heat exhaustion, cramps or even a heat stroke. Here are a few ways using which you can combat the heat:

Be prepared
When you’re out and about, look after your skin. Use a sun cream with a minimum SPF30 and apply it regularly. Be careful to avoid heat exhaustion. If you notice any headaches, dizziness, nausea or fast pulse, lie down in a cool room, drink plenty of water and cool yourself with a splash of water. Consult a doctor if it doesn’t get better.

2. Open your windows and close the curtains
Opening your windows will promote cross-ventilation across the rooms. Ensure that curtains or blinds are installed, as that can help to keep the heat out. Keep the blinds down especially in the rooms you’re not using. Once the temperature drops, make sure to open them again for an evening breeze.

3. Drink plenty of liquids and eat small meals regularly
Metabolic heat is needed to break food down, so turn to smaller portions to let your body stay cool. Drinking plenty of liquids with sources of electrolytes and staying hydrated can avoid sweating that making you less susceptible to heat. This will be enough to bring your body temperature down. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they will promote dehydration.

4. Freeze to breeze
Remember when refrigerators were iceboxes that contained actual blocks of ice? Us neither. If you place a bowl or an ice tray in front of a blowing fan, the air in your room will become cooler as the ice melts.

5. Freeze to drink
One of the most common ones – fill your bottles with water, put them in the freezer and grab one when you’re ready to go out. You’ll have a supply of cold water with you as the ice melts.

6. Opt for loose fitting cotton
Wearing loose fitting cotton, preferably of a light colour helps your body breathe and stay cool by reflecting the sun’s radiation. Cotton will keep you cooler than many other synthetic fabrics.

7. Chill with the MyChill Personal Space Cooler
The HoMedics MYCHILL Personal Space Cooler helps create a chilled environment by delivering a concentrated stream of cool air where you need it the most. – The perfect alternative to air conditioning when it's just you to cool, MYCHILL™ is all natural, environmentally friendly, and uses very little energy. Simply add water and turn it on! It features 2 speeds, and an adjustable vent.

8. Stay mindful this summer
If you feel that you end up over-pressurizing yourself with the summer planning and are left exhausted while trying to squeeze everything in, remember summer holidays are to let yourself just be. Head over to our article on 5 Ways To Stay Mindful This Summer for more tips.


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