Mindfulness Tasks For Busy Mums

Being Mum is many things. Being Mum is learning, fearing, overcoming and loving. Being Mum is an endless list of descriptives. To some extent, you feel like, “Being is Mum”.

You get lost trying to get everything right, agonising over what went wrong and what could go wrong. Watching your sphere of responsibility grow with them, as they roam further and push boundaries you didn’t know existed.

You can’t control everything, no matter how hard you try. Tears will come, tantrums will escalate, toys are broken and drinks will be split – everywhere. When it’s right to, practice letting go. This is the time for practising acceptance and being mindful. Finding relaxation in the imperfections of daily life by sitting back and letting things unfold, as they always meant to.

Try these simple mindfulness tasks:

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