Ways To Reduce Stress

Whether you’re going away to uni or dealing with the daily battles, stress is a part of life. Sometimes even the simplest things can take your stress level from 0 to 60 in no time. And while we can’t control how we react at times, we can certainly put in efforts towards how stress affects our mind and body. We’ve narrowed down on a few tips we live by to beat stress. Read on.

1. Enjoy The benefits of massage
Massage has several therapeutic benefits, in addition to general stress relief. A combination of essential oils, a good massage and some tranquil music provides a deep and relaxing experience. By relieving muscle pain and improving blood circulation, massage therapy can work to manage stress and anxiety.

2. Find your happy corner at home
Create a comfortable setting by having a playlist running, and don’t forget to incorporate Ellia Diffusers — an essential add-on for an extra cosy environment.
3. Meditate
Make time to step away from the holiday chaos to decompress. Read, listen to music, or take a warm bath. Simply exercising can put you in good spirits. If you’re not much of a burn-it-out-in-the-gym kind of person, here’s your chance of joining that Zumba or yoga class you always wanted to go for.

4. Eat Right
Grabbing a Mc Donald’s to satisfy your junk cravings may seem like a good idea but it does have an adverse effect on your health. Plan your meals for the week by taking out a few hours during your weekend. Not only will this have a healthy impact, but you and your wallet will be happier too!

5. Technology blackout
Put aside your gadgets an hour before you sleep and get together and enjoy your time with family and friends without worry. Also avoid checking your phone immediately after you wake up. Think of those notifications as 100 people walking into your bedroom the minute you wake up. Not ideal, right?
6. Self-care
If taking care of your mental health means cancelling out on plans to meet your friends, cancel them. There’s nothing more important than putting your health first and if they’re truly your friends, they’ll understand and want the same for you. It’s also a good opportunity to have indulge in some ‘me-time’ where you can spend the day watching Netflix, go for a walk, listen to music or even treat yourself to a present. - The choice is yours!

7. Consider getting a pet
Did you know that having a cat reduces the chances of a heart attacks by almost more than a third? We obviously don’t have any reason to disagree considering pets can be sassy in their own weird and unique ways and make us smile. (...and of course, because we love them too).

8. Experience the benefits of Ellia
When used the right way, essential oils can (almost) work magic. Not only do they help relieve stress, they can also boost your mental clarity and improve your well-being. Keeping this in mind, we at HoMedics are super excited to introduce our new Trio of Oils into our range of Ellia Oils. Combining your favourites; Wind Down, Be Centered and Get Going Ellia Essential Oils, these oils capture benefits of natural botanical ingredients and bring the perfect balance to your lives.
Here are three ways in which you can get the most out of our Trio of Oils:

A Little Pick-Me-up:
Feeling low or just need a morning energy boost? The Get Going Ellia Essential Oil is ideal for motivation.

For Meditation:
Incorporate the calming aromas of the Be Centered Ellia Essential Oil during your yoga workout for the perfect start to the day.

Perfect Sleep:
End your day with the soothing Wind Down Ellia Essential Oil. A blend of lavender, vetiver and clary sage prepares you for a restful sleep.

Simply add 5-7 drops to your diffuser and enjoy the wonder that is Ellia.
Last but not the least, remember to breathe when stress comes knocking on your door. It solves half the problem. Do you perhaps have any suggestions we may have missed out on? Follow us on Instagram and let us know. @HoMedicsUK

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