5 Ways To Take It Easy & Relax More

Learning to relax more, allowing yourself time to just be still. Refining the art of doing nothing, saying no and taking a moment for you. We’re in a time of “have to” and “should do” but, what about “is it good for me?”. Listen to your body’s signals, are your shoulders tense? Do you have a balloon in your stomach? One that swells at thought of those commitments stacking up against you, filling up your week. It’s time to take it easy, to relax more.

1. Breathe In Every Moment
Literally. Stress and anxiety can hit you at any time and the impact can be long term! You can learn to combat this feeling by dealing with it in the moment and steadying your breathing. Inhale in for 4 seconds, out for 4 seconds with deep, slow breaths. This practice is ideal for when life’s stressful moments become a little too much.

2. Simplify Your Life
By prioritising what is important to you. Take a moment to think about how you spend your time. How much of it is spent on doing what you truly love? If you’re finding it hard to find time for yourself, then it’s time to revise your diary and see if there’s room to cut back on giving so much to others and give a little back to you.

3. Remember, You Can Just Say No
Quiet those feelings of guilt, love yourself better. You can be selfish sometimes and reduce your commitments without feeling bad. Don’t feel like you HAVE to say yes to everything. You might be fearful of missing out, fearful of letting someone down or fear never being asked again. Instead, accept that you might miss out, that you might disappoint someone and you might well never be asked again. But even more so, accept that you also “might not” for any of those fears and consider what you have gained for yourself.

4. Enjoy The Little Things
Fresh bed sheets, a hot cup of something when it’s cold and raining outside, and catching up with friends over a homemade brunch. There are so many small acts of goodness that you can feed your soul with that won’t break your bank balance or leave you neglecting other duties. It’s all about balancing life by enjoying the little things that you can often take for granted.

5. Make The Most Of Your Mornings
Are you hitting snooze right up until the point of “get up now, or we lose the house”? Meaning a pair of blurry sleep eyes, mismatched clothes and a forgotten lunch box left unloved on the side. We’re not suggesting you go for 10k before sunrise (but we’re not saying not to), just give yourself time to wake up in mind, body and spirit. Start tomorrow with no snoozes and no excuses.

Our New Year’s Resolution?
Stress Less, Relax More.

4) Improved eating habits
Whether it’s breakfast on the go or answering emails during dinner, too often we find ourselves neglecting the time and focus that our bodies require during food intake. Simply put, mindful eating is the act of eating consciously, noting what we digest, when and how. And with benefits such as improved digestion and weight stability, what’s not to love? If you’re new to the practice of mindful eating, try these simple steps…
- Establish a routine - Our bodies thrive on routine, so try and eat your three meals at similar times each and every day.
- Am I really hungry…Or am I just indulging? As tempting as that second snack may be, understanding the difference between hunger and a craving ensures that our body never has to overwork or drains itself.
- When you’re eating, eat. Keep distractions minimal. Take time to chew and savour your food, your body will thank you for the time it gains to properly digest!


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