10 Ways To Travel Comfortably During Long Journeys

It’s not unknown that travelling can be exhausting. While we may be excited to finally jet-set to our favourite destination, travel time can almost seem like a useless vacuum in time and space especially during the long-haul flights. 
It can also take a toll on our bodies if we do not take care of the little things. So, if you’ve tried your luck but didn’t get upgraded, worry not! We’ve put together a few ways so that you feel like you’re in First Class (well, nearly).

1. Put Comfort First
While travelling, it goes without saying that you should be wearing comfortable footwear. As trainers may take up a significant amount of space in your bag, it’s best to wear them. Not only will they give your bag some breathing space but will also ensure you have a comfortable journey.

2. Stock Up On Your Favourite Reads
There’s something soothing about reading during travelling. So be sure to load your favourite books into an e-reader rather than carrying them, to save up on space and luggage allowance.

3. Wear Your Most Comfortable Clothes
If you want to be able to sleep during your journey, wear clothes that are close to your pyjamas. Loose fitting shirts, track bottoms, a hoodie and a comfortable pair of flats make the perfect flight uniform. If you do not wish to turn up at the airport dressed in your PJs, you can always get changed once you’re onboard.

4. Bring Socks
Give your feet some breathing space buy kicking off your shoes and putting on your fluffy socks to keep your feet warm and cosy because there’s nothing worse than getting cold feet during a flight. 

5. Get The Best Seat
Do you prefer the window seat so that you can rest your head against the wall or just for the views? Either way, try and go for the seat you’ll be comfortable in – especially during long flights.  The best seats on a plane are usually the emergency exit rows and the ‘bulkhead’ rows. These are seats directly behind any walls or curtains where no one would be reclining in front of you. You’re welcome.

6. Music!
Want to drown out the unnecessary noise? Be sure to bring your headphones! Once you’re allowed to turn on your electronic devices, shut the engine noise out and enjoy the journey with your favourite playlist.

7. Carry A Sleeping Mask
Simply putting on your headphones and a sleeping mask can help you to sleep during a journey. You can even use this time to practice your meditation for a more mindful experience and reframe your thoughts.

8. Pamper Yourself
Recycled plane air can wreck your skin so it’s important to keep your moisturiser, face wipes and a lip balm handy. Apply it in excess as if you were going for a walk in the winters.

9. Stay Hydrated 
While travelling, it’s important to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate even if you do not feel thirsty to avoid travel headaches, fatigue and muscle cramps.

10. Carry A Travel Pillow 
When a 10-hour flight awaits you, you need to prepare yourself for sleeping sitting upright. So be sure to get your hands on the HoMedics Comfort Travel Memory Foam Massage Pillow! Combining the benefits of a massage and relaxation, this neck pillow will let you say goodbye to aching muscles from those long-haul flights. With a soft memory foam design to provide support and comfort and an invigorating vibration massage setting, you can feel your best while on the go!

Do you perhaps have any suggestions we may have missed out on? Follow us on Instagram and let us know. @HoMedicsUK and we wish you happy, safe & light travels!


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