5 Reasons to Ditch Shaving and IPL Instead

If you don’t know about IPL, then it’s about time you did. Speaking of time, how much do you spend on shaving, waxing, epilating and plucking? Whichever your current method of painstaking hair removal is – there is actually a simpler and smoother way to make it last longer.

1. It Permanently Reduces Hair Growth

One of the worst parts about other methods of hair removal is the fast rate in which it grows back. The best thing about IPL devices like our Duo Quartz is, they ensure the hair is removed for good. By sending hair follicles to sleep, it naturally sheds and stops the cycle of hair regrowth. Leaving you with smoother skin that not only looks good but, feels great too.


2. You Don't Have To Suddenly Change Your Routine

If you're already a frequent shaver raver, then you don't need to change anything about your existing hair removal routine. Instead, once a fortnight, use your home IPL device after shaving. When the hair is just beneath the surface of your skin (like just after you've shaved) is the perfect condition for the Intense Pulse Light to work it's magic.

If you're one of the braver waxers and epilators, you don't need to change your routine either. However, you'll have to wait a week or two for the hair to grow back slightly before using your IPL hair removal device. This is because there must be a hair present beneath the surface of the skin for the technology to work properly.

3. The Treatments Are Ultrafast

The quickest way to get started with an IPL device at home is to shave before every use. Like we said before, you can wax or epilate but, you’ll need to wait a week or two before using IPL.

It should then take you no more than 20 minutes to treat your legs, underarms and bikini line. The amount of treatments you’ll require depends on your skin tone and hair colour – but you could be hair free within just 6 weeks*

4. You Don’t Even Need to Visit a Salon

Let's face it, life is busy. So busy, that aside from a quick shave and shampoo, salon treatments seem like a distant (and rather expensive) dream. And even if you do find the time to make an appointment, it has to be the right salon for you. IPL treatments can be used for your legs, arms and chest, but also for your face and bikini line too, so it's important to feel relaxed. Using an IPL device at home means you can chill out and deliver your treatment when you want, wherever you want.


5. …. Or Pay Salon Prices

For us, this is the real no-brainer. On average you can expect to pay up to £1000 in salon IPL treatments to get the smooth, hair-free skin you’re seeking. Using an IPL device at home is a great way to make a one-time investment at a fraction of the cost but, with the same satisfyingly smooth results.

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