Foot Spas

Treat your feet to the perfect pedicure in the comfort of your own home with our luxurious foot spas. Soothing heat, gentle vibration, and refreshing bubbles provide a relaxing massage you feet won't soon forget.

Jets of water in our Foot Spas provide a massage in the form of hydrotherapy, improving the blood flow and circulation in your feet after a long day. Combined with vibration massage rollers, sit back and enjoy the relaxing sensation of the bubbles between your toes.Browse our wide selection of Foot Spas.


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  1. HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa - Blue


    At HoMedics, we love to design relaxing foot spas. That’s not bragging, we have over 10 years of experience in soothing aching soles from the comfort of your own home. There is one aspect of our luxury foot spas that hasn’t gone unnoticed by our ingenious design team – whilst they are sleek and stylish, they aren’t compact. So it got us thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could just fold it away… ?

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  2. HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa + Keep Warm Function

    • Bubble-turbo strips for increased bubbles
    • Pedicure attachment
    • Keep warm function
    • Removable pumice stone to smooth and soften rough skin
    • Heat maintenance
    • Massage nodes
    • MAX fill line
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  3. HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa & Nail Kit


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    • Includes Luxury Nail Care Kit – Nail brush, cuticle scissors, nail cleaner/cuticle pusher, 2 x bamboo cuticle pushers, emery board, 2 x toe separators and storage bag
    • Double the Bubbles – 4 bubble strips for increased bubbles
    • 2 pedicure attachments – pumice stone & massage roller
    • Ergonomic angle base for a more comfortable massage
    • 4 removable acu-node massage rollers
    • Keep warm function
    • Suitable for larger feet – fits up to UK size 12 (EU size 46)
    • Easy pour water sprout
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  4. HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa

    • Motorised Rollers – 2 automatically swivelling rollers deliver an effective and stress-free massage
    • Built-in heater – Choose the temperature between 35º-42ºC using the clear digital display
    • Bubble Massage – Invigorating bubble massage relaxes and soothes tired feet
    • Customise your foot spa experience – Select your desired combination of rollers, bubbles and heat function
    • Our luxury foot spa fits foot bears both big and small, up to US size 12 (EU size 46)
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  5. HoMedics Luxury FootSpa

    • Double the Bubbles - 4 bubble strips for increased bubbles
    • 2 pedicure pumice stones attachments
    • Angled base for a more comfortable massage
    • 4 removable massage rollers
    • Suitable for larger feet - fits up to UK size 12
    • Easy pour water spout

    HoMedics 2 Year Guarantee

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Sit back and unwind with a HoMedics Foot Spa. Designed for overworked feet, our range foot spa machines comes with invigorating bubble strips and nodes which deliver a soothing spa experience, making it a luxurious way to relax and bring life to your feet!

What is a Foot Spa?
A foot spa is a  water filled device that can allow you to massage and soothe aching feet.  Filled with warm water to help release tension and soften skin, a Foot Spa can be used with your favourite bath salts or essential oils to create the perfect relaxation experience.  

Benefits of a Foot Spa
No only does a Foot Spa help releive tired and aching feet, but the benefits of relaxation is known to help reduce stress and anxiety.  Your overall wellbeing directyl relates to your stress levels, so ensuring that your feet and body are relaxed is always a great addition to anyones de-stress routine.

With many HoMedics Foot Spas, additional accessories and feature can help the physical condition of your feet, such as a pumice stone to help remove dead/unwanted dry skin.  With our Luxury Foot Spa we also include a pedicure kit to treat your feet and toenails to a salon-like pedicure in the comfort of your own home.