Meet the Team - Our HoMedics Family


Here's Johnny - Our Product Designer

"It all starts with one idea"

For how long have you been a part of the HoMedics family?

After completing a 6 months university placement with HoMedics, I explored Australia for a while before returning to the UK – and to HoMedics. They welcomed me back and I’ve been here since 2013.

How did you get into product design?

Well after the professional football career dreams were dashed… I focused on the other subjects I enjoyed. I’m a creative person so resistant materials, graphic design and art were my favourite subjects at school. My college held a career finder quiz and guess what popped up? Product designer – so here I am.

What’s your favourite part of the whole process bringing a product to launch?

It all starts with one idea and a team brainstorm, so seeing that product on the shelves or going in stock online – you can’t beat it. Walking through a shop and seeing the product you designed is a great feeling, “See that? That was me! I DESIGNED THAT”. All of those hours and 100+ tiny variants swapped and changed are instantly worth it and that is so rewarding.

What’s been your favourite HoMedics product so far?

Working on the home IPL devices has been really fun, we’re working on some really innovative stuff right now and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

What’s your favourite HoMedics massager?

We love badminton here! No matter the skill level, you’re welcome on the court. I try and play every week, so my go-to is the handheld percussion massager (I can’t take credit for this one though).

What do you bring to the HoMedics UK team?

Hot dogs.

What do you love about HoMedics?

I love how active we are, the office is always buzzing! Whether it’s a charity bake off (you’re talking to Mary Berry here), summer fun days, badminton or setting off to exhibitions – we’re always doing something and it makes you feel appreciated. I think that’s why people stick around for so long.


Meet Kylie - Our Finance Guru
(& Bowling Champ)

How long have you been with HoMedics?

Linkedin reminded me the other day that I’m approaching my third anniversary on Saturday!

Take us through your HoMedics journey

With a background in IT software and an accountancy degree, I’d been looking for a foot in the door for a while. I found HoMedics and bagged the role as Accounts Assistant. In 2015, I grabbed the opportunity to become Management Accountant and I’ve been loving it ever since!

Do you think finance has a bad rep for being boring?

Yeah! We’re a crazy bunch up here! You have to be a little eccentric to work with numbers every day but, there’s something reassuring about them. That’s why I’ve always loved maths because there’s always a right answer, it might take a little time to find it but that’s half the fun.

We know you’re a travel bug! What has been your greatest adventure?

After my Masters, my best friend and I bought a car and drove from LA California to New York, stopping wherever we fancied along the way. It took us three months and we loved every minute! I also travelled to Australia, where I gathered my funds to explore New Zealand and Hong Kong by working on a carrot farm!

What do you love about HoMedics?

Everyone is approachable and friendly, there is never a question too silly. Coming into work every day to a relaxed and welcoming environment creates a brilliant work/life balance.

What do you love about your HoMedics Finance Team?

There’s an open door policy that is unbeatable. Since taking on my management role, I’ve had a lot to learn and I haven’t always got it right first time but, in those times, we take the time to assess and progress! Coupled with a no blame culture, there’s nothing to hold you back from learning and developing in your role - and they've got your back every step of the way.

And if you had to use a HoMedics product every day?

The ShiatsuMax! I bought it for my brother as a gift… but it’s definitely more of a shared ownership these days – that’s what siblings are for.

Interview with James

Meet James -
Our Head of Creative/Design

For how long have you been with HoMedics?

9.5 years. That’s nearly a decade! … Crikey.

What’s your creative process?

As soon as I receive a brief, I scope out exactly what the product’s selling points are and what our competitors are up to. Then I start sketching. If I have time, I’ll put together a mood board before setting to work.

What’s your favourite programme to work on?

I use Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Photoshop is a designer’s best friend!

What’s your strongest skill?

Aside from my psychic ability? My turnaround time. At any one time, I can have up to 10 projects/briefs on the go! The key is to keep calm, keep thinking and carry on.

What type of HoMedics project do you like working on the most?

Our professional beauty is really gaining momentum. The technology is interesting to work with and learn about, and that makes for more creative photoshoots, graphics and videos too.

Do you have any advice for future budding designers?

Always keep up to date with current trends, or start creating your own. Soak up any ideas, not just from competitors but from, everything around you. It’s also easy to become stuck into using the same programmes you’re used to, the online space is changing that. There so many tools and tutorials at your disposal, if there’s an update or a new feature released – give it a go!

What do you love about HoMedics?

The company may have grown in size but the family feel is still the same. No one is a stranger for very long because everyone is so open and friendly!
I also love the autonomy of our roles, having freedom as a creative person is so very important to producing great work. It’s also the best place to find your ideas because we’re lucky enough to have an in-house product design team, so you can see a product from the initial idea to launch.

And if you had to use a HoMedics product everyday?

I do love the shiatsu cushion. It doesn’t look clunky or out of place and you can use it everywhere!

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