HoMedics Zen Meditation Range

Introducing the new HoMedics Zen Range

You may have heard of our popular STRETCH Mat and now we’d love you to join us in rejoicing as we’ve curated a brand-new range, with products designed for a holistic mind and body experience.

The relaxing back stretching mats from HoMedics have been designed to release and mobilize your spine. Inspired by yoga, STRETCH XS and STRETCH+ PLUS move you through a range of calm and controlled stretches unwinding your mind, body and soul. Completing the Zen Range is our Zen Meditation Pillow, engineered with perfection to drive all your muscle tensions and tight knots away!

“Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be.

HoMedics Stretch+ PLUS


Following our success with STRETCH launched back in 2017, we have expanded on a few more features and designed STRETCH+ PLUS! With this upgrade we’ve created two brand new sequences - Unwind and Recover. A stress relieving, tension reducing, and relaxation focused back stretching mat, STRETCH+ PLUS is an effortless way to experience the relaxing benefits of yoga. STRETCH+ PLUS guides you through a range of 6 sequences, gently encouraging your body to stretch and unwind from the comfort of your home.

Stretch XS

Feel the immediate benefits in your shoulders, back and hips with STRETCH XS. Perfect for use at home or on the go, STRETCH XS can be folded and rolled into a neat portable size. Included is a handy carry handle, making it ideal for commuting between the home, office or holiday destination!

Lay back and unwind as STRETCH XS moves your body through a gentle yet powerful sequence of yoga inspired stretches and twists. This mat can be used in two different orientations, shoulder and back for upper torso and hips and back for lower torso. Even enjoy the aroma from your favourite essential oil by using the aroma tab on the side of the head pillow.


Find your zen at home with the HoMedics Zen Meditation Pillow. Experience a new way to massage the neck muscles with our first ever meditation focused pillow. Surrounded by your favourite essential oils by using the aroma tab located on the side of the meditation pillow. With a quiet operation you can truly relax and unwind.