Beat the winter bugs with Air Purifiers

Beat the winter bugs with Air Purifiers

Posted by HoMedics UK on Oct 12th 2021


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With warnings of a 'Worst case scenario winter', the growing chill in the air has become a daunting figure for parents, business owners and employees alike, but it doesn't have to be.

So, what makes us ill when the mercury drops? And what steps can you take to help protect your loved ones and those around you from the usual winter suspects whilst also remaining COVID-19 secure?

Why do we get sick as the weather changes?

Studies have shown that the dramatic shift in temperature that comes with a change in seasons provides a variety of viruses the chance to flourish in optimum conditions.

Viruses such as Rhinovirus and Coronavirus (the two most common causes of the common cold) and common Influenza thrive in cooler, drier weather and the crisp cold air that comes with it.

Cold temperatures allow the virus's outer layer, the envelope, to harden into a rubbery, resilient gel. This layer would typically degrade in warmer weather, making the virus less successful. With the added protection of the hardened envelope, the virus can transmit more efficiently, making more people sick.

This increase in transmission rates, paired with people being indoors more during winter, creates a perfect storm of close quarters, and lowered immune systems. This is believed to be due to Reduced vitamin D levels, as many people suffer from reduced sun exposure during the winter months.

What is the worry?

With the NHS already under pressure, there is rising concern about its ability to cope with the new winter influx. Pre pandemic, winter bed occupancy in the NHS regularly exceeded 95%, and this number is only set to rise.

As restrictions ease and people begin to mingle inside again, there is a predicted rise in winter illnesses, driven by close contact and conditions that allow viruses to thrive. Schools, businesses and public spaces are feared to become playgrounds for viruses yet again, putting significant strain on households and the NHS.

How can you protect those around you?

An air purifier can help you ensure your loved ones stay well this winter and help battle the predicted spike in winter bugs.

By utilising an air purifier that features a HEPA, and UV-C light filter in your home, you promote high air turnover, clearing the air in a room up to 7 times an hour. This removes stale air and can lower the possibility of virus transmission as droplets will no longer 'hang' in the air.

It is these HEPA filters that genuinely make the difference in the fight against winter bugs. True HEPA filters can successfully capture and remove particles far smaller than winter illnesses such as Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, the common cold and Influenza, dramatically reducing the transmission rates and helping to protect your family.

Air purifiers can also reduce the impact of winter allergens, such as pet dander from animals being inside more and general household dust, by removing them from the air, which is particularly important for homes with sufferers of asthma or small children.

By investing in an air purifier, you are not only purchasing a piece of equipment that can help your family get through the looming winter bugs, but you are also investing in their long term health. Allowing them to breathe easy in your home ensures you have a happy, healthier family all year round.

What can HoMedics do for you?

Here at HoMedics, we specialise in holistic health and personal wellness.

With a constantly developing range of Air Purifiers, you can be confident that the product you receive is ahead of the curve. Allowing you to provide a safer, cleaner environment for you and your family.