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Self-care isn’t selfish – it’s essential to show up in the world as your best self. Embrace and celebrate your natural beauty using our range of home microdermabrasion, skin care cleansing and home spa beauty tools. Explore our IPL range, the best home IPL hair removal devices tackle unwanted hair at the root, leaving you with smooth skin for longer.

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  1. HoMedics Pureté Plus Beauty Routine Expert


    3D Pulse Action Purete Brush
    Advanced cleansing and moisturising for all skin types
    3 interchangeable heads
    Compact, waterproof design with USB recharging base

    Bluetooth Skin Analyser
    Discover your skin hydration at the touch of a button

    HoMedics Beauty App
    Receive personalised daily skincare advice straight to your phone

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  2. HoMedics Honeycomb Blossom Facial Cleanser

    • Water retaining honeycomb texture provides a more efficient cleansing action
    • Sonic vibration for gentle cleansing or invigorating massage
    • All silicon finish for a perfect waterproof function (IPX7)
    • 8 intensity levels from gentle to intense
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Unclogging pores and removing makeup residue
    • Rechargeable (USB cable provided) - 500 uses from a single charge
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  3. HoMedics Honeycomb Blossom Body Cleanser

    • Water retaining honeycomb texture provides a more efficient cleansing action
    • Sonic vibration for gentle cleansing or invigorating massage
    • All silicon finish for a perfect waterproof function (IPX7)
    • 8 intensity levels from gentle to intense
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Unclogging pores
    • Rechargeable (USB cable provided) - 500 uses from a single charge
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  4. HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa

    • Motorised Rollers – 2 automatically swivelling rollers deliver an effective and stress-free massage
    • Built-in heater – Choose the temperature between 35º-42ºC using the clear digital display
    • Bubble Massage – Invigorating bubble massage relaxes and soothes tired feet
    • Customise your foot spa experience – Select your desired combination of rollers, bubbles and heat function
    • Our luxury foot spa fits foot bears both big and small, up to US size 12 (EU size 46)
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  5. HoMedics Twist Illuminated LED Sensor Makeup Mirror



    • Motion activated sensor - Mirror illuminates as you approach
    • Innovative twist feature giving both 1x and 7x magnification
    • Super bright illumination for flawless make-up application
    • Cordless, USB rechargeable design for complete convenience
    • Mirror diameter 16cm
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  6. HoMedics Abs Toning Belt & Pads

    Suffering from the physical pain after an intensive work out? Tone yourself anywhere, anytime with the HoMedics Abs Toning Belt & Pads and bid those muscle pains a forever goodbye! The two contact pads maintain your muscle tone and can be used anywhere on your body including your arms, legs, and buttocks. Learn More
  7. HoMedics Myspa Paraspa Plus Paraffin Bath

    The HoMedics® ParaSpa® Plus Paraffin Wax Bath has the ability to turn your skin baby soft. Hydrate and soothe your skin with hypo-allergenic wax and gentle heat. Wax bath therapy is intended to moisturise, soften the skin, open up pores, remove dead skin and keep joints mobile. The circulation is stimulated and discomfort can be reduced on your joints. Learn More
  8. HoMedics Eye Revive Luxe

    • Red light therapy improves skin firmness around eyes
    • Warming sonic vibration relax and invigorates tired eyes
    • Promotes blood circulation & stimulates reduction of dark circles
    • Minimises puffiness and dark circles under eyes
    • Rechargeable and easy to use
    • 2 Year Guarantee
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  9. HoMedics Radiance Microdermabrasion - Rose Gold

    • Proven results
      Over 70% of women had firmer skin after 3 weeks of use
    • Professional quality
      2 x salon grade diamond exfoliation tips, for normal and sensitive skin
    • Suitable for all skin types
      4 speed settings shown on the LED level indicator so you can adjust the treatment to suit your individual skins needs
    • Quick and easy
      Only 5 minutes per treatment, for optimum results use 1-3 times a week on a regular basis

    HoMedics 2 Year Guarantee

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  10. HoMedics Pureté Facial Cleanser

    • Highly effective 3D pulse action with 3 intensity settings (Low, High & Pulse)
    • Normal Brush: Cleanses & Exfoliates
    • Sensitive Brush: For all skin types
    • Unique Gel Head: Massages as it moisturises
    • Compact Design : Travel friendly
    • Reachargeable with Induction Charging & USB adaptor
    • Up to 70 mins run time from 2.5 to 3 hour charge
    • IPX7 Waterproof
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  11. HoMedics Duo Lux with 3-In-1 Lady Shaver Bundle



    • Automatically detects your skin type for safe and reliable results
    • Quick and easy to use typically just 2mins for underarms and 15 mins for legs
    • Safe to use on body and face with a large window for body treatment and a specially designed adaptor for the face
    • 300,000 flashes Duo Lux’s quartz bulb is designed to keep your hair free for life
    • 3 Year Guarantee
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  12. 3 modes: Cooling, Heating, Alternating
  13. Increases natural absorption
  14. Soothes & calms irritated skin
  15. Reduces puffiness & dark circles
  16. Built in rechargeable battery
  17. 3-year guarantee
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  • HoMedics Smoothee Cellulite Vacuum Massager



    • Vacuum Massage
    • Electric Stimulation
    • Ideal for use on arms, abdomen, back, hips, buttocks and legs
    • Compact and rechargeable –20 minutes use from a single charge
    • Includes two suction cups and USB cable
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  • Double Sided Illuminated LED Mirror - Magnified Makeup Beauty Mirror

    • Rotating dimmer switch for variable light intensity.
    • Soft glare-free & shadow-free viewing
    • Two-sided mirror with normal and 7x magnification
    • Stable, non-slip base
    • Satin Nickel Finish
    • Cord Free - Battery Powered
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  • HoMedics Foldaway Luxury Foot Spa - Blue


    At HoMedics, we love to design relaxing foot spas. That’s not bragging, we have over 10 years of experience in soothing aching soles from the comfort of your own home. There is one aspect of our luxury foot spas that hasn’t gone unnoticed by our ingenious design team – whilst they are sleek and stylish, they aren’t compact. So it got us thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could just fold it away… ?

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  • Spa Compact LED Beauty Mirror



    • This mirror is perfect, battery powered, compact, and fits neatly in your handbag when you're out and about.
    • Illuminates and magnifies
    • LED illumination gives extra clear light for any time of the day
    • Compact shape and size, perfect for your handbag
    • 2 sided mirror, with 1x & 2x magnification
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  • HoMedics Touch & Glow Beauty Dimmable LED Mirror

    • 5 x magnifying mirror to perfect every touch-up.
    • Powerful, dimmable LED illumination.
    • Fingertip touch control - Touch button on the base to switch on and dimming.
    • Dimming function from warm light to ice light.
    • Lightweight and rechargeable.
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  • HoMedics Pretty & Powerful Compact Mirror Power Bank

    • Charges most micro-USB devices including smartphones and tablets
    • 1x & 2x magnification to perfect every look
    • Powerful LED light for touch-ups anytime, anywhere
    • Rechargeable-includes USB charging cable
    • 3000mAh charging capacity
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  • HoMedics Luxury FootSpa

    • Double the Bubbles - 4 bubble strips for increased bubbles
    • 2 pedicure pumice stones attachments
    • Angled base for a more comfortable massage
    • 4 removable massage rollers
    • Suitable for larger feet - fits up to UK size 12
    • Easy pour water spout

    HoMedics 2 Year Guarantee

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  • Get the look of beautiful naturally shiny nails
  • Effortlessly buffs, smooths and shines nails in seconds
  • Take the hard work out of nail buffing
  • Leaves natural nails looking shiny and beautiful
  • Perfect size to keep in your handbag
  • 2 Year Guarantee
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