The latest innovation from health and wellbeing experts, HoMedics. Gel massage technology unlocks a new level of relaxation for you to enjoy at home. Adding the real feel to their best seller shiatsu massage range, look no further for your daily feel good.


Revolutionary gel coated shitatu nodes deliver the realest feel in massage technology.

Nothing beats the real hands of a massage therapist, or so we thought. Prioritise your wellbeing and bring relaxation out of the salon. Our latest innovation, HoMedics Gel Massage, introduces the next generation of wellbeing technology. Soft yet firm, that’s how a real massage should feel. We've captured this real palm-like feel in our super soft gel technology. The gel nodes rotate, knead and roll over tight muscles to release tension and help you unwind. Set into our revolutionary massage mechanism, this is relaxation that keeps on giving.

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