Best Foot Spas 2019

Foot spas are the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Allow yourself to drift away whilst warming your aching soles; foot spas are the best solution for over-worked feet all in the comfort of your own home! Our feet have over 100 ligaments, 8000 nerve receptors and support our bodies every single day so they really deserve some TLC now and again. Foot spas are also great to help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improving the physical condition of feet. If you're looking to sit back and relax, HoMedics has the best foot spa for you!

Did you know that there are many benefits of foot massage and reflexology? Not only can it be a great treatment if you've been on your feet all day, but they have great health benefits. The massage working on all the points of the feet improve circulation and cell regeneration helps to relieve migraines and headaches and can help aid foot and ankle injuries. An added benefit is to use essential oils or bath salts with the foot spa; perfect to help the relaxing environment you wish to create.

All HoMedics foot spas come with removable vibration massage rollers, improving blood flow and circulation within the foot itself while relaxing muscles. For a luxury at home experience, the HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa and Nail Kit makes for a soothing massage and includes a nail care kit with all the essentials; nail brush, cuticle scissors, emery board, cuticle pushers and much more, ensuring your toes and nails are preened to perfection! It also comes with two pedicure attachments; a pumice stone for buffing off dead skin to reveal silky smooth heels and a massage roller to invigorate your senses. This foot spa comes with magnetic field technology to stimulate the body’s natural healing process as you unwind and has double the bubbles making for an extra pamper. All HoMedics foot spas come with a ‘keep warm’ function, allowing you to bathe your feet for as long as you like without the water going cold, something you can’t do with most foot spas! 




The HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa includes all of the luxurious features that make the HoMedics Foot Spas so relaxing; keep-warm function, removable massage nodes and of course, bubbles! The HoMedics Bubble Mate, also comes with a removable pumice stone, great for exfoliating rough feet. With powerful jets and invigorating vibration massage, the Bubble Mate will leave your feet feeling refreshed and better than ever!




How can you get the most out of a HoMedics Foot Spa? Creating your own little haven of relaxation is easier than you think. Find a quiet spot, set the mood with scented candles and relaxing music. Place the foot spa onto a towel on a flat surface and fill to the MAX line with warm water. Don’t worry about your water getting cold as the keep-warm feature will make sure the temperature stays comfortable for your feet! Add your favourite bath salts or a few drops of HoMedicsc Essential Oils to rehydrate your skin and calm your senses. Roll your feet over the acupressure nodes to stimulate, use the pumice stone to soften heels and allow yourself to float away. When finished, the easy pour water spout makes for an easy clean up.

Now, we noticed that foot spas aren’t the easiest things to store or manoeuvre especially if you’re limited on space, so the in-house designers at HoMedics wanted to create something compact yet still just as relaxing and easy to use. The sleek and stylish HoMedics Luxury Foldaway Foot Spa folds away flat when not in use, whilst still including everything you could want from an at-home spa treatment. Including vibration massage, acupressure nodes to intensify your treatment and the keep-warm feature. Once you’re finished, it simply folds down and is easy to store.



The HoMedics Foot Spa range has something for everyone, whether you want serious luxury or have limited space at home, there is one to fit your needs! All HoMedics Foot Spas come with a guarantee ensuring the best quality for you always. 

By Sarah Lovell

Sarah is a blogger and influencer with a passion for beauty and wellness products. With experience in the massage industry, Sarah is ideal for providing HoMedics with detailed views and opinions.